• 5,000 Deezer streams for one track
  • 5,000 Deezer streams for one track
  • 5,000 Deezer streams for one track
Deezer is one of the growing music platforms at the moment which pay similar to Spxtify and Apple Music.
Despite having lesser popularity, it is still important for your music to be exposed on every platform, and nothing feels better than knowing your music could grab people's attention through stats!

We highly
recommend checking out the extras to ensure you're more than satisfied and come back in the future!

-> Deezer pays around $22 per 1,000 unique listeners in royalties.
-> this will increase your popularity on the site.
-> last time checked, Deezer paid 0.0056 per stream, meaning the streams purchased are an investment in your favor! (you make money back)
-> the followers and plays purchased AREN'T the ones from real people. They're stat boosters.
-> retention of at least 90-120s.

Royalties from plays:
10k -> ~$220
25k -> ~$2200
50k -> ~$2200
100k -> ~$2200
150k -> ~$2800
250k -> ~$2,500
500k -> ~$12,000
750k -> ~$8,500
1Mill -> ~$22,000

Keep in mind the speed at which we deliver the plays is very fast.
We work quickly, and usually it's best to split delivery between multiple tracks.
The stats above are expected only if it's 1 track receiving plays and you've posted more than one.

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User Ratings

  • Notables
    Notables 4 months ago


    • itsabc

      awesome buyer, waiting for next order

  • yeason
    yeason 5 months ago

    Awesome job by seller! I will definitely be using this service on a regular basis.

    • itsabc

      awesome buyer, very patient and responsive! awesome artist with success on his way

  • DeathFromAbove
    DeathFromAbove 6 months ago

    amazing work, my track already got pushed way above my old ones and the amount of popularity has escalated substantially.
    definitely the best seller out here. also, thank you for the extra plays, God bless you!!

  • edwrossanchez
    edwrossanchez 6 months ago

    20/10 service. Always worth investing into itsabc!

    Invested into:
    $50 - 1000 fans (delivered within the week)
    $1480 - 150K streams (delivered short of 3 weeks)
    $0 - free 2.5k streams for being one of the first to order
    $0 - been a client for almost a year now and constantly gives me free streams - this time 25k streams free.
    TOTAL INCOME = $450+ (not insane, but worth the stats)

    • itsabc

      Very happy to have you try all our services and give detailed description of your experience.

      You will always be rewarded as our biggest client. The higher the investments, the higher your income. We both get rewarded, so we like to throw extras as a way to thank you and keep you coming!

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