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TIDAL Music promotion for 1,000 listeners for $20

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TIDAL Music promotion for 1,000 listeners

TIDAL is currently the highest paying music streaming platform there is with an estimated pay amount of $22 for every 1,000 unique plays. Perhaps it's not going to make you rich, however, you have to keep in mind that's double what most distributors pay in royalties due to the fact that you must be subscribed to listen to music.

It's always the best option for musicians to try and get popular on all streaming platforms, and this is no exception. It is said according to the TIDAL team that once they recognize a song is popping off on their platform, they give it a listen and try to investigate the musician. This means that if you have been featured on any blogs or have a certain level of popularity, there's a higher chance you will be picked up for their playlists!

What to expect:

  • at least 1,000 streams per track
  • delivery as soon as your track has reached the paid streams - either trust us or don't order.
  • full privacy
  • high quality support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • non-drop stats
  • fast start and no risk
  • mostly USA streams
  • better song ranking and popularity
  • full track is played (no skipping)
  • quick response times (unless traveling)
  • easy tracking of the extras you've ordered
  • we do not wait until your distributor receives royalties
  • we do not have access to exact information regarding current TIDAL stats on your music
What will not happen:
  • ignoring a customer
  • full song play
  • early removals
If your track receives 1,000 streams, you've basically spent $2 on this promotion.

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5,000 streams 12 days $100
10,000 streams 15 days $200
25,000 streams 20 days $500
50,000 streams 25 days $950
75,000 streams 30 days $1350
100,000 streams 38 days $1700
10 likes (add to collection) 3 days $8
25 likes (add to collection) 3 days $20
50 likes (add to collection) 3 days $38
100 likes (add to collection) 3 days $70
50 artist fans 3 days $38
100 artist fans 3 days $70

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