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  • getfree2017
    getfree2017 9 days ago

    Thanks. Let's hope it will move me up.

  • aborja
    aborja 10 days ago

    Great work! Thanks!

  • biosearch06
    biosearch06 11 days ago


    • ajlancer

      Thanks for your feedback

  • trieumanhtn9x
    trieumanhtn9x 14 days ago


    Yes, I have updated your order, thank you and hope you do well
    Wish you health and success in life
    Best regard !

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much

  • xriderindia
    xriderindia 19 days ago


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      you most welcome 

  • hinchlyc
    hinchlyc 20 days ago

    Great work!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much

  • iyazid
    iyazid 22 days ago

    thank you

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    dennyfar 23 days ago

    thanks friend...

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    xvx777 24 days ago

    Many Thanks!

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    microsel 25 days ago

    Great work.

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  • fmbginc
    fmbginc 27 days ago


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      Thank you very much

  • asrteam
    asrteam 30 days ago

    Nothing has come on page one
    Is this the way u work ????????????????????????????????

    Why making fool ??

    • ajlancer

      Hi Sorry!! I never make you fool!. I did best off-page SEO for $38, not on-page.
      You did not get expected result due to
      1. Your website is redirect fake link , I mean not real link. Google just hate it
      2. You used non value long keyword as: The Nonlinear Nature of the Market -Anirudh Sethi
      3. Your on-page SEO never optimized by you as meta title, tag,description,image tag etc

  • exsite
    exsite 1 month ago


    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much

Buyers Comments

  • Citkar

    Hello dear ,
    I want to rank my website top of the page one in google. My website is Canadian free classified ads site
    My keywords below.
    1.Canadian free classified ads
    2. Free ads site canada
    3. Top classified site in canada
    4. Top classified site toronto

    5 months ago
  • ramikamar

    How long it will take to make this website on 1st-page ""

    5 months ago
  • sujonsengupta

    send me more info about your work
    amake - sujongupta - dia fb te search dia add koren. apner service kinte chai.

    5 months ago
  • aryan1107

    Hello are you online my site is
    I want it to on top page when someone searches
    1) Mandir Wahin Banayenge
    2) Mandir Wahin Banega

    Is it possible?

    5 months ago
  • ajer

    Hi 30 days since i placed the order and still waiting ? and you don't even reply on messages ????!!!!

    4 months ago
  • maulik007

    can you rank my site "" to google first 3 results on keyword "mod apk download"

    4 months ago
  • altuner

    Hello dear ,
    I want to rank my website top of the page one in google. My website is
    My keywords below.
    1. antwerpen
    2. taxi
    3. airport
    4. luchthavenvervoer
    5. zaventem

    What is your quarentee? And about when days becomes my site on the 1 page?

    4 months ago
  • mufti313

    Can for Indonesian Language Site ?

    4 months ago
  • gach you accept arabic article?

    3 months ago
  • einerausla

    Hey how long does the Website stay on first page in Google and what else do you need besides the website link?

    3 months ago
  • webhosting777

    Hi let me ask you few questions while give you order.

    Can You please list the websites where you will post our website link with anchor text

    1) Does the link come with Do follow ?

    2) Does the link comes with a good content ?

    3) if anchor text will be highlighted in the Text Who will provide that content ?

    3 months ago
  • DelicateSoft

    Dear I want to order your this service but i want to see any sample work you did for someone for this service. Waiting for your response.

    2 months ago
  • BacTran

    Please sent me sample report

    3 months ago
  • diep

    D?ch v? c?a b?n có thành công v?i youtube? xin hy tr? l?i tôi

    2 months ago
  • diep

    Does your service succeed with youtube? please answer me

    2 months ago
  • mcloud268

    Can you do seo ranking for casino page?

    2 months ago
  • Normann

    One month left since the order have been placed. No any response.

    2 months ago
  • greig1983

    Can you rank for keyword Autographs on google page 1 - 2? Url

    2 months ago
  • ajer

    3 months of waiting , no communication , no work , this service is pure 0,
    i lost my time on garbage service
    i canceled the order after 3 months of waiting, and i can't even give a negative rating, so scamy

    2 months ago
  • diep

    Topic learn colors for kids? You can seo top youtube not. (Example video if you help me. I will order a lot. thank you. And tell me how to surmit backlink to google fastest

    2 months ago
  • Thacon

    Does this work for a google store page

    2 months ago
  • diep

    Can you help me top youtube? I do topic learn colors with doreamon. After how long backlink will work. Do I have to buy view? pls check me .I will order a lot

    2 months ago
  • w3logics

    I am looking your services for an online wood carving store from wood carving hub of India name as Wooden furniture. this store provide the handle made furniture for and help the people who really need help form the people of the World so earn there livings. What you think about Facebook likes for
    are these Facebook link permanent for forever. If you are an expert you can easily trace what I am looking in your good services.

    2 months ago
  • Mustafajamal


    Your service looks great I have some Questions before ordering.

    My site:
    Do you Provide Backlinks for Movies website?
    Actually, we are not allowed on any social media if we post we got banned or removed due to Copyright issue.
    I need Relevant backlinks do you provide?
    Do you provide a guarantee of ranking improvement.??
    Last thing I want to rank for UK US and Australia.

    That's it thanks in Advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Mustafa Jamal

    1 month ago
  • juampipa

    Hi, working from an Argentina site? with spanish keywords

    1 month ago
  • geazy3

    Does this work for YouTube? And how much does this affect? Do you have some results for me?

    1 month ago
  • tarunsood

    how does it work please tell me

    1 month ago
  • rusydiMK


    I would like my page to rank on first page of google
    Currently it stands on page 2

    Would you be able to assist?

    Thank you.

    27 days ago
  • subha954

    two keywords without any competition for two pages of my blog . Korte parbe vai ?

    21 days ago
  • marvinzakelijk

    I'm not buying this because of your lie: ''Offer can be closed anytime''.. You sir just trying to sell something with lie's I don't like that! Your service is currently running for half a year?

    21 days ago
  • darell1986

    I'm interest with your service, how can we start it? Just send you my website url?

    20 days ago
  • noormohd45

    Very bad experience. If 30 days of wait. Seller cancelled the order instead of delivering it. I should have come up with more orders if he provide me good support. 0 out of 5

    18 days ago
  • qqmega368

    hallo, may you accept the website gambling?

    12 days ago
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  • AndersBelcris

    Hi there

    Is online Pharmacy ok? Ready to get some of your services.

    Thank you.

    5 days ago
  • rajhirvate

    No response!

    its been 20 days! and i haven't received the order

    2 days ago
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