• GOOGLE FIRST PAGE-reach google first page with our high ranking white hat tools(2016) UPDATED
  • GOOGLE FIRST PAGE-reach google first page with our high ranking white hat tools(2016) UPDATED
  • GOOGLE FIRST PAGE-reach google first page with our high ranking white hat tools(2016) UPDATED



.Boost your ranking on Google with High quality backlinks.Get increase in ranking within 20 to 25 days. No need to pay thousands of dollars to big SEO companies. We don’t waste your time and money like other SEO services. We provide real SEO that brings result . We just do the exact, what Google needs to rank a site on

"The time to Get More traffic, More sales and More revenue”

What you will get with this service?

1- 30 High quality backlinks from 15 High PR web 2.0 sites. I will post unique version of an article that is relevant to your niche to each web 2.0 site. All the web 2.0 sites have PR 4+ and are do follow.

2- 10 High quality backlinks from PR 2+ social bookmarking sites. Title and description will be spin each time before posting. (stumbleupon,folkd,reddit etc)

3- 5 to 10 High quality do follow backlinks from 5 PR 2+ Article directories.(Goarticle,jotzoom etc).

- We will collect an article from scraper and than spin it. If you have your own article than you can provide us for the campaign.

4- 5000 wiki Backlinks on tier-2 which will be drip feed for 1 month to give this campaign more power."You will get a complete report of all tier-1 backlinks excluding wiki links".

5- We will also put our strong Google ranking strategy with this campaign to make your site top for targeted keywords. No reports will be provided for the hidden strategy as the backlinks will be placed on our private blog network and promoted through high authority personal social media accounts. This includes promotion in private blog network, social media sites and popular social networking sites.​Here we will build your social link popularity to BOOST your ranking.

See the ranking results got by applying this campaign:-
Result got by doing 2 link pyramid campaigns with in 3 weeks.

Rank From Not in Top 100 to Here within 20 days with only 1 Campaign:-

Please provide only low competetive keywords for this service. This service can't help you rank for high competetive keywords.
Rank results from the service (Updated)

Our simple SEO tactics as per the SEO expert says:-
High quality link building+ Social media promotion= Top ranking on Google

No one here on Monster Backlinks is providing both the services together. We are doing it for a low price.are known for uniqueness.

Why you should order from us? I will give you 4 strong reasons to order our service rather than other:
1- All our backlinks are built manually with only High PR sites
anduse unique contents. Thats the key Google really want.
2- We do both Link building and social promotion. We take your SEO campaign 1 step advanced from your competitors.

3- Our backlinks strategy is panda+penguin friendly. Your site is safe with us. Not a single spam link we will build for you. Each and every backlink will carry high quality.
4- Our quick indexing method will get your site top ranking within a few weeks. No need to wait for months. ​

Please note:

The increase in ranking will depend upon current ranking. Don’t expect to get 1st page ranking with only 1 campaign for High competitive keywords. You may need 2-3 campaigns to get to first page and not because we but FIRST PAGE GUARANTEED then you will expect first page you will get first page on your current ranking kindly not that ....
achieve 1st page on GOOGLE.

Please check on-page SEO before ordering this service. If you are not sure just send us a message with your 3 keywords and website url ,We will give you free seo suggestion.

Our guarantee:

You will get all the live backlinks with high PR sites. The backlinks will stay forever. You will get a reasonable increase in ranking as per your expectation within 20-25 days after we deliver the project( Atleast the ranking for 1 keyword will definitely increase). The site should be properly optimized for the given keywords and the keywords should be low/medium competetive.

" We allow only 1 url and 3 Keywords per campaign for best SEO result"

Before you place any order please read it:-
Each and every keyword has a diffrent competetion level on Google. Thousands of people do SEO for a single keyword. You are not alone in the race. Your competetion may be hiring big SEO companies by investing hundreds of dollars monthly. Everyone knows that Google's 1st page ranking means "JACKPOT". You can't compare a 15$ SEO service
with 500$ SEO pack. Instead of this we put our full effort on every campaign to boost clients ranking. We have 90% success results and the rest are too competetive. We do all the backlinks manually and safely. So that your site will be safe and rank well. Some clients never try to understand these things and leave us bad feedbacks without consulting with us. We are here to help you. So cooperate with us, Disscuss your goal and project with us. We will be happy to help you in a right way. I am a generous person. So please be genuine with me and the SEO. If you understand how SEO really works than we are here to help you in the best way. If you don't follow the SEO in a right way and insist on your wrong SEO thoughts than soon you will be out of the business.

Please Note-
1- Within 12 days we will do your SEO campaign and deliver the backlinks report. The effect can be seen within next 3 weeks after that. Please don't expect ranking after 1 day of delivery the campaign. Also new backlinks take minimum 2 weeks of time to indexed naturally on Google. so speed up your ranking now

2- The keywords should be more than 2 phrases. and low/medium competetive for better result. single phrase keywords are high competetive.

3- The webpage should be properly on-page optimized for the given keywords for best result.

4- If you are doing SEO for first time than the results won't be great as SEO takes time to show it's effect.

5- Rejection of orders can be accpeted in case of only mistake in backlinks placement. We offer to provide quality backlinks as stated in the service

6- We accept all lanuages sites. All non- english and all type. Porn, casino, gambling, adult etc.

Please Read everything before you place any order. We don't want any misunderstanding after delivering the project.

Each and every question will be answered within a few hours.

Let our service a try... You won’t get disappoint... This is our promise to you.....



10 Permanent Manually Blogpost on high Quality Web 2.0 Mini Private Blog Network from PR 9, PR 8, PR 7 and PR 6 Authority Websites.
Several wiki no follow backlinks

Social Bookmarks
Natural mix of do follow and No follow, anchored and brand links
2nd tier backlinks for better indexation
Detailed reports.


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  • venus66
    venus66 7 months ago

    Expecting the best turnaround. Links need to be indexed for SERP.

  • seokent
    seokent 8 months ago

    I used this service as an experiment thinking "if it does NOT work then I'm only going to lose a couple of dollars". I can confirm that the website's ranking improved from page 2 to page 1 in Google for a specific keyword. This happened within a couple of days. I can therefore recommend the service to anyone.

    • loverain

      Thanks hope you order more next time

  • callmeblezz
    callmeblezz 1 year ago

    Personally, I don't like this service. 15$ for a few backlinks, I don't recommend that service...

    • loverain

      This buyer is a totally scam after work is done ....he wants to have his money back 

      Sellers beware of this buyer

  • bookingbed
    bookingbed 2 years ago

    Delivered as promised, excellent customer service with the best rate also offers further assistance with any problems,questions or suggestion. Highly recommends this service to anyone looking for to increase his ranking on Google. Now i'm waiting the results.

    • loverain

      Thanks for using our service

  • Infosicurezza
    Infosicurezza 2 years ago

    Thanx great job!!
    I recommend this professionaly and fast servis!!!
    Very very great job!!!
    Thanx guy!!

    • loverain

      Thanks for using our services to boost your ranking

  • Infosicurezza
    Infosicurezza 2 years ago

    Thank you a fast and professional service . Thanks very good job I recommend it to everyone!

    • loverain

      thanks for using our services to get ranked on google

  • ariacat
    ariacat 2 years ago

    Thanks for you update.
    I check my website in next days and when I visit the changes, I'll write a great review for you.


  • renybang
    renybang 2 years ago

    thanks Bro

    • loverain

      thanks for using our services

  • dotaks64
    dotaks64 2 years ago

    outstanding experience

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      THANKS for using our services on monsterbacklinks

  • mercancun
    mercancun 2 years ago

    gracias buen trabajo

    • loverain

      thanks for using the best services to rank your website to google first page

  • haileyray192
    haileyray192 2 years ago

    Great work and fast delivery... The backlinks are of good quality and have a high PR which will rank your site fast, My site improved alot on the google search results

    • loverain

      Thanks for using our service to rank your website

  • haileyray192
    haileyray192 2 years ago

    Great work and fast delivery... The backlinks are of good quality and have a high PR which will rank your site fast, My site improved alot on the google search results

    • loverain

      thanks for using our services to rank your website on google first page

  • mercancun
    mercancun 2 years ago

    gracias buen trabajo

    • loverain

      You are welocme

  • Andrecis
    Andrecis 2 years ago

    hello, many thanks
    when i see my site in first google page whit this keywords?

    • loverain

      Thanks you will see your website on first page soon

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    ok thanks

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  • crazysubbu69

    i need seo for my website. i will provide 25 keywords that all the keywords need to be placed in google first page when searched. what is your charge.

    the time limit is 1-2 months can you do this. replay me as soon as possible i am in hurry.

    website link : http://infolob.com/ is the domain

    send me the keywords list of which you can place in google first page.

    how long the page rank will last in the first page

    2 years ago
  • loverain

    it depends on your current ranking and you can inbox me for more details

    1 year ago
  • Ronald1970

    Don't order this service he takes off with your money ITS ALL FAKE

    1 year ago
  • callmeblezz

    Personally, I don't like this service. 15$ for a few backlinks, I don't recommend that service...

    1 year ago
  • rissetter

    Update: Until 20 days no result like promises and buyer not answer my inbox


    I want guarantee for you ask a seller.

    And how to edit my feedback?


    6 months ago
  • asrteam

    I have written some articles on my blog

    want them on page one of google immdly

    and having 2-3 videos on youtube want them on page 1 of google.

    is it possible and how much will be cost and time period

    13 days ago
  • loverain

    Although this service is for website only but if you want to order for youtube on google first page it will cost you $50 per video and your order will be done in 5 days and ranking start to happen after 4 weeks..

    13 days ago
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