Magnum SEO is one of THE CHEAPEST PACKAGES for SEO on Monster Backlinks and works perfectly in 2017

MagnumSEO is a package with 5 seo-levels designed to boost your rankings for any Website or Blog profile. Having more Social signals, Backlinks and High Domain Authority WEB 2.0s combined with a Link Pyramid means growth for your Google Page Rank and Search Engine Rankings.

What will your website get from Magnum SEO? - All the SEO Levels below!

Level 1 - Huge Amount of Do-Follow Backlinks, PBN Backlinks and Social Bookmark Backlinks

  • 10,000 PBN Backlinks from at least 1000 Top Level Domains
  • 1000 Do-Follow Backlinks from Top Level Domains
  • 500 Social Bookmarks from Social Websites and Social Top Level Domains

This package contains instant backlinks and huge amount of social bookmarks that will help you rank your website higher on Search Engines and increase your page rank.
Do-Follow backlinks have a SEO benefit for your website, unlike no-follow links that are just sold from someone to take your money and disappear. Do-Follow and PBN backlinks will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked site. These links will remarkably enhance your link profile and improve your page rank.

Level 2 - Sponsored Blog Posts + Backlinks from US websites

    • 50 Sponsored Blog Posts on .US News Websites
    • 50 Backlinks from .US News Websites (2 in 1 service - backlink is created with the sponsored blog post)
    • 50 Backlinks from aged .info domains (over 5-10 years old websites)

    This package contains backlinks from American .US news websites for each state and backlinks from aged websites to your website. The .info backlinks are trusted websites on the top of the SERP and they will help you get traffic through the links posted on the website. Together with the Sponsored Posts they will increase your Traffic and SERP.

    Level 3 - Link Juice from High PA & DA Blogs

    • We will create 10 posts on our Tumblr Network in which all blogs have page authority from 27 to 38.
    • You will get 10 posts to 10 blogs and reports with live links, the backlinks from Tumblr are do-follow and with high PA

    This package contains link juice & sponsored posts from our high PA & DA Tumblr Network, the blogs have PA from 27 up to 38 and established backlinks and Tumblr has a High DA so it means you get stuff from a High Domain Authority Page.

    Level 4 - High Quality PR9 - PR7 SEO Social Signals from aged pages and profiles
    We will create 50 PR9 to PR7 Social Signals from aged high quality social pages.

    • Includes Social Signals from aged Social Media properties (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Google Plus Posts from aged Google Pages (over 4 years old)
    • Includes Twitter Tweets from aged profile and profiles created in 2016
    • This package contains Sponsored Social Signals that are a very important factor for SEO. Especially when you get them from OLD PAGES WITH BUILT AUDIENCE. The signals your will get are from the Top Social Networks and are PR9 to PR7 - which means huge SERP improvement. They will help you grow your social media presence for your website and maybe even bring some traffic.

    Level 5 - Shoutouts on Social Media and Promotion

    • Promotion to 500,000 Real and Active people on Social Media, including:
    • Promotion to 50,000+ Twitter Followers
    • Promotion to 1000+ Google Plus Followers
    • This package comes together with the social signals from Level 4, the pages where we post have a lot of fans and followers (over 500,000), so this is an effective promotion to aged social pages that will promote you and bring traffic from high quality social properties.

      Why would i order this?
      Purchase this service to boost your rankings for any Website or Blog profile. Having more Social signals, Backlinks and Social Bookmarks combined with Shoutouts and Promotion means growth for your Google Page Rank, Traffic and Search Engine Rankings.

      How this works?
      After ordering this service, you will only be asked for the link of your website and your keywords. You can also write a short description about your website so that we can put that information on the links we create.

      1. Google, Panda, Hummingbird Safe
      2. Adsense Safe
      3. Guaranteed Do-Follow Backlinks
      4. Guaranteed PR9 Social Signals
      5. Huge amount of PBN Backlinks
      6. 100% Satisfaction

    Delivery information and type of report
    • The service is marked as complete once all the links are created - we don't promise any exact increase in search as it may take a while for Search Engines to update your rankings.
    • The report we use is designed for the Monster Backlinks delivery system and available online inside the order. It contains direct links for the social profiles/websites that created the posts, you can find the posts there by scrolling and looking at the posts created on the delivery date.
    • For resellers, we also have additional high quality & detailed Excel reports. If you are outsourcing, we recommend the PRO report that is available as an extra.

    No refunds

    Add extras to your order

    If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.

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      If i need 10k you are ab le to deliver it?

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      The maximum i can deliver is 2000 per month, this is for safety reasons. You can order up to 2000 every month! Cheers!

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      Are the followers real and active?

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      I have a Blog Post where I have added Pininterest button to add share counts. Now I have 1000+ Pinit. Does your Service here provide this?

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      Is there any updates as orders are very late? Is everything okay?

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      Is there a problem? It's very well explained and it says that all the 4 bullets will be provided.

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      What requirements for the articles? (Bullet 2). If there any?

      5 months ago
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      100 PBN backlink are noindex

      4 months ago
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      ola vc aceita sites do Brasil o conteudo voçê faz em portugues para mim ?
      minhas melhoes palavras chaves
      ?tectos falsos
      gesso cartonado
      ?paineis em gesso 3d
      Orçamento de Pintura m2
      remodelaço de interiores
      remodelações de interiores

      3 months ago
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      i want to know something ,
      i bought a website a while ago and i am having an issue with the SEO thingy in my website

      but the thing is will that work if you are doing this offer /

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      Yes sir, Our service will work for youtube videos. Please checkout our service here:

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    Magnum SEO - 10,000 PBN Backlinks, PR9 Social Signals, Do-Follow links, High PA and DA Posts and Social Bookmarks including promotion on Social Media and a lot more - Google Safe is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 691 user reviews.
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