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Are you looking for the best backlinks to build today? Look no further!

This is a mix of almost 3000+ high authority websites to easily get backlinks from in one way or another!

A list of the Internet's biggest, best high authority websites to get backlinks from in 2016 and beyond.

Remember, it's not about quantity, it's about quality!

So these are only the best and biggest authority sites of them all.

All the sites are listed by PR, Alexa rating and DA popularity.

These lists contain main many Dofollow High Authority Content Submission sites to get Backlinks from.

Just check out the list of sites that you get..

Local Business Listing Sites
  • 100 US Business Listing Sites
  • 120 UK Business Listing Sites
  • 60 Australian Business Listing
  • 50 Canadian Business Listing Sites
  • 64 Indian Business Listing Sites

Directory Submission Sites
  • 500+ Top Free Directories List
  • 85 UK Link Directories
  • 82 German and Dutch Directories

Online Free Classified + Advertising Site Lists
  • 600+ Free Worldwide Classified Sites List
  • 50 Global Classifieds
  • 116 UK Classified Sites
  • 60 Free US Classified Sites
  • 25 Canadian Classified Sites
  • 150 Indian Classified Sites
  • 23 German and Dutch Classified Sites
  • 100 Free UK Advertising Sites
  • 60 Australian Advertisement Sites
  • 40 Dofollow Ad Posting Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites Lists
  • Top 200 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List
  • Top 200 Social Bookmarking Sites List By DA/PR/Alexa/Moz

Top Internet Forums
  • 40 Top Online Marketing Forums
  • 20 Top Computer Technology Forums
  • 20 Top Web and Software Forums

And much more!
  • 135 Top Social Networking Sites
  • 100 Top Press Release Sites
  • 35 Top Document Sharing Sites
  • 35 Top Infographic Submission Sites
  • 350 High PR Profile Creation Sites
  • 269 Top Video Submission + Sharing Sites
  • 47 Top Guest Blogging Sites
  • 10 Top Blog Commenting Sites
  • 15 Top RSS Submission Sites
  • 45 Top Photo Sharing Sites
  • 50 Top CSS Submission Sites
  • 120 Blogging Directories
  • 30 Top Ping Submission Sites
  • 35 Search Engine Submission Sites
  • 70 Top Web 2.0 Sites
  • 85 Top Article Submission Sites

3000+ of the Internet's BIGGEST Websites for Backlinks, Traffic & SEO You Can Start Using Immediately!

Viewable in any web browser..

Open in Office, Open Office, Zoho etc..

Open online in Google Sheets..

So many ways to build the best, highest quality, longest lasting backlinks.

Just choose which platform you want to start building links on and start with the biggest, top sites first and work you way through them.

A Powerful Resource For Webmasters and SEO's!

These are the Internet's best most popular, most Google loved sites which can be very very powerful for your websites ranking in the SERP's. Not just for backlinks, but for traffic as well. These sites have the most amount of users of all websites and can be used to send quick website traffic to your site for years to come.

Also these sites are where SEO's mostly sell backlinks on in some way or another through some sort of SEO service of some kind. Whether you're an SEO service yourself or are just a webmaster that needs only the best backlinks you can get then these are the lists that you need to make your site go from zero to hero!

I have worked very hard on these lists, searching out all the sites, checking the Page Rank, Alexa rating etc and then listing them all out by order. This will save you hours of searching these sites and visiting sites that have them, remembering and revisiting those sites to find them again and again. Just access this one resource whenever you need in one easy location!

Details About The Lists

  • Available in 4 different formats, HTML, PDF, XLS or view online.
  • Each format is easy to use, different platforms are all on their own pages.
  • Either open in your browser, in a PDF reader or some XLS/CSV viewer.
  • Choose which tab to view and all the sites are shown. Simples!
  • We also provide you online link to view it online too.

Instant download after purchase!

Start building the best backlinks you can build straight away!

Tons of choices of types of backlinks to create.

Outrank and Dominate your Competitors and the Search Engines with this very useful and powerful SEO link list collection.

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