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IdealMike's SEO Ranking & SMM Marketing & Promotion Care Package for $78

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IdealMike's SEO Ranking & SMM Marketing & Promotion Care Package

Get IdealMike's SEO Ranking & SMM Marketing & Promotion Care Package service for real traffic generating SEO & SMM!

In my SEO Ranking & SMM Marketing & Promotion Care Package you will get a mix of the best quality, highest authority, most Google loved and trusted backlinks you can just about get today! Not only will these SEO and SMM backlinks help your site to rank higher in the Google SERP's, but also drive REAL traffic back to your site too.

This is a 2 fold SEO and SMM service!

In the SEO part of this service you will get: 1 high quality authority community Guest Post Article on the Biggest Highest Authority sites like Medium, Notey, Behance ETC (we decide based on your niche and content). Creating valuable contextual in content backlinks using FRESH UNIQUELY written content on sites that Google naturally ranks high. Backed up and authored by high authority web 2.0 backlinks + bookmarks.

Plus real human created Google loved backlinks in the form of Reddit post promotion, Yahoo! and Quora Answers! Made by people with aged high level accounts posting expert questions and answers with your website links in them. Building trust in Google's eyes and eyes of people while sending direct qualified traffic to your site by real people looking for something your site has or sells.

Real Expert Q&A Site Backlinks & Promotion!

Plus get Niche related high authority blog comment backlinks! Thoughtful manually placed comments on expert researched blogs related to YOUR niche. High quality niche related blog comments when done right improves rankings from high quality, niche related backlink they give. Plus they help you to network with other sites and blogs/bloggers in your niche and can result in traffic too from their readers.

Topped off with a sprinkling of Top 20 Social Bookmarks to your site and the and dozens of Top Web 2.0 Profiles built to your community guest post and Web 2.0 articles for extra trust and authority! We will build these using your link and keywords and provide a full simple report once all is completed.

In the SMM part of this service: we will share post and promote you message and links etc to the biggest Social Media groups and communities. We are already joined to many hundreds of the biggest big groups and communities. And post to many aged accounts pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus that you'll get shoutouts on. We provide a fair and wide blanket of social media coverage to say the least!

Social Signals ARE a Ranking Factor! - Here's 3000+ of Them!

As well as this actual SMM promotion we do, we also add and build real social signals to your site or URL in the form of likes and shares and reshares, tweets / retweets pins / repins etc as we go along. We'll drip feed a few thousand real social signals from aged accounts and profiles. Social Signals are a ranking factor today so you definitely want and need social signals if you want to be taken seriously by search engines let alone people!

A 2 Fold SEO & SMM Service - It's about Time!

In this 2 fold SEO and SMM service you will get: naturally occurring, closely related, Google loved, niche traffic generating high authority high quality SEO Rank improving permanent lasting backlinks.

High quality community Guest Post Article with tier 2 web 2.0 backlinks and social bookmarks built to them adding even more trust and authority.

Real high quality traffic generating SEO backlinks from the top people used Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers & Quora. And promotion on Reddit and top Bookmarking sites using aged accounts with high levels all done professionally.

Real posts and promotions to the BIGGEST Social Media site groups and communities many of which will be very closely related to YOUR website and business niche. We post to groups and communities that have well over 50,000,000 people in them collectively.

We go where the people are!
Reasons to Buy This Service and The Benefits
For our SEO work we only use relevant recommended tried and tested methods. All of our SEO is 100% white hat and Google algorithm conscious & friendly.

Our SEO is the kind of SEO that is worth doing but is not easy to do. Especially to do it on the level of aged seasoned SEO experts.

Our SEO will help to improve your domain metrics, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain and Page Authority.

Our SEO backlink building traffic generation methods build solid high authority backlinks to your site that can go on to send hordes of traffic in time lasting for years and more.

We SEO and SMM your site in a professional way. We never spam! And we follow all the rules so that your site and business stays safe no matter how much SEO or SMM that we do.

The more you use the service, the more results you will see in the form of traffic from your guest post and Web 2 articles and from your Q&A answers and forum threads, posts and blog comment backlinks etc.

The more you use the service the more results and response you will get from Social Media sites from your group and page and profile and community posts etc.

All done manually by hand by real people, to real people, for real people!

The SEO +SMM I Will Do For You:

  • 1 Community Guest Post Articles w/ tier 2 web 2.0 backlinks + bookmarks
  • 2 niche related blog comments
  • 2 Reddit promoted posts
  • 2 Yahoo Answers posts
  • 2 Quora answer posts
  • 50 Big Social Media site Group Posts
  • 50 Big Community Posts in Your niche
  • 50 Shoutouts on aged Pages + Profiles
  • 10 Big Pinterest Group Board Pins
  • 10 Sponsored Twitter Tweets
  • Top 25 Manual Social Bookmarks
  • 2000 Mixed Social Signals


How Long Does it Take to Complete all the Work?
We should have everything completed in a few days for you but please give us up to 7 days to complete everything before you ask when your order will be completed and delivered.
Do You Get a Work Report?
Absolutely, you will get a full work report with all the live URL's to your guest posts, PBN, Q&A answers, the group and community posts, pins and social signals etc.
What Do You Require?
All we need is 1 URL and a couple keywords at minimum. You can supply your own article if you wish otherwise we will create one for you which we'll use on the guest post sites and PBN posts.
How Many URL's Can I Use?
Just 1 URL per order but you can use more URL's if you order with extras.
What Content do we Use?
We only use freshly written content. We never use copied/duplicate content.

For any more questions: just send me a quick message!

Get IdealMike's SEO Ranking & SMM Marketing & Promotion Care Package now!

SEO traffic generating backlinks, real promotion on the biggest Q&A sites. Huge promotion on the biggest Social Media groups + communities and more for only $98.

Now only $78!

Don't even hesitate!

Order now for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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