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Alpha Niche Relevant - Aged Web 2.0 Backlinks

Don’t Blow Your Budget On Irrelevant Links. Get Real Links From Niche Web 2.0s

I don’t need to tell you how important backlinks are to ranking your website. You know that already. And you’ve probably struggled with all sorts of link vendors out there.

A lot of the PBNs you’ve bought from probably have the same problem: they are far too generalized to provide any sort of topical relevance.

You know the sort. They look like cheap “news” sites that publish everything from tech articles to DIY home improvement. Maybe with a few mommy blog stories thrown in for good measure.

The Problem is that Google Likes Relevance
Although plenty of SEOs have learned this from experience and experimentation, here’s a little thought exercise to show you exactly why relevance matters so much…

Imagine you are casting a vote for a local politician. Your choice comes down to two candidates who have identical platforms. Where the candidates differ is experience.

One was born and raised in your city, with years in politics there. The other has similar political experience but spent half their life in a different county.

All other things being equal, you’ll probably vote for the hometown hero. And that’s exactly how Google compares two websites that are competing for space on the first page.

If their link profiles are mostly identical, Googlebot is going to prefer the site whose links are more relevant to the topic.

That’s Where Niche-Relevant Backlinks Come In

Check out these reviews:

With this service, we provide you with a bulk supply of links from some of the most powerful web 2.0s available: Joomla, WordPress, and Tumblr—to name a few.

However, what sets our links apart (if you haven’t already guessed it) is relevance. Every link is placed…

  • On an aged web 2.0 devoted to your niche.

  • In a topically relevant article.

  • Within a paragraph that is relevant to the anchor text.

As far as relevancy goes, that is as strong as it gets.
Check out these results:

These are the exact same web 2.0 links I use to rank my sites

If you’ve ever used my services before, you might know me for my press releases. They are one of the key strategies that I have used to rank websites for plenty of 6 and 7 figure businesses in my years of client SEO.

But no SEO campaign can rely on a single strategy. I’ve worked with plenty of business owners, solopreneurs, and agencies who need a reliable source of powerful web 2.0 links. And I always provide them with the exact same niche-relevant links that I use again and again for myself and my clients.

So if you want to be like your competitors, keep buying links from overly generalized PBNs placed in overly generalized blog posts.

But if you want to gain every possible edge in the race to the top of the SERPs, hit that order button and get your niche-relevant links today.

We can not accept adult related sites as well. I.E. Porn, Gambling and things of this nature.


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