Guaranteed Google first page by our very safe on-page and off-page SEO services:

Do you have website or blog, but never optimized your site On-page and Off-page by SEO mentor?

Are you seeking an expert for SEO optimization?

Do you want to get your site on top rank on several search engine without penalty?

Yes!!!!! Good news for you>> By ajlancer team

Here you are come in right place

We never tell you, you will get Google first page by only many backlinks without SEO planning against your competitor research.

Because, only
off-page backlinks never get you Google first page either on-page SEO planning or changing(Guaranteed).



Depth SEO factors research by expert team
Proven and safe service
Over thousand of sell and satisfied customer
100% positive rating, I mean buyer satisfaction

Level X seller (elite seller)
7 years experience on SEO
Highly customer support

100% safe service
We will use complete white hat SEO method for you.
Our service 100% safe from all Google updates (Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird)

Very importance question to you:

Ever you did below all key factors for your website?

SEO Process:
01. Keyword research
02. Competitor analysis
03. SEO friendliness analysis
04. On-page optimization
05. Google webmaster and other webmaster tool SEO researching
06. Off-page optimization
07. On going content addition
08. Social media, Blogging etc
09. Maintenance
10. Search engine search research

I am sure, your answer is no!

Do not worry!

We will do lot of importance SEO key factors for you.

I think you know getting Google first page not a joke. Though, all of website owner see dream to get such no.1 position.

It is need Time> Planning> Money

So, before targeting Google and other search engine first page by your targeted keywords, you must to optimize your on-page SEO than off-page optimization as well.

Off-page SEO optimization will give you strong support to get Google first page, if on-page SEO well optimized.

11 SEO key factors:

Our expert team will research about your website with all SEO factors and they will find out 11 key factors for your website ranking.

And most exclusive 11 key factors will work as medicine for your website.

We never disclose here 11 key factors before done full job.

Now are you ready to proceed next step?

Buyer do mistake by inexpert freelancer commitment:

Most of the freelancer said, we will get you Google rank by $20,$24,$60 etc or said PR9-PR10 .gov or profile or edu etc backlinks. Because, they do not know what sort of key factors work behind to get Google ranking against competitor according to Google rank norms.

Off page SEO must to combination with ON- page SEO
ON-page SEO + Off-Page SEO = Google rank

Most of the freelancer may not know how to optimize on page SEO with several key factors?

Sorry! We never do work for you and never commitment to you by only bulk backlink or high PR backlink, your site will get Google first page.

Because, we do not do horrible backlink for you with fake commitment which may get you penalty by Google panda and penguin.

So, without on-page and off-page SEO planning, we will not do job for you.

Even if you request or place order.

So, before purchase our service you must to ensure by yourself, you are ready to accept our on-page recommendation and off-page optimization.

If, you agree to get our on-page recommendation, this service only for you


What sort of task we will do for your website?

We do 2 steps SEO factors job for you.

Step 1: On-page optimization with most effective key factors

✺✺ After place of order we will research your targeted keyword immediately.

✺✺ If your keyword have very much possibility to get Google rank than immediately, we will do work with your provided keyword without any change.

✺✺ If change need for your keyword, than immediately we will inform you for accepting or approving our suggested keyword by you in order section or PM.

Keyword research:
How does it is working?
For example: Your keyword: Make money
If we see your keywords not possibility to rank
Than we will suggest another keyword or phrase very similar with your provided keyword.
For example: your provided keyword: make money
I will suggest you like ‘’make money online’’ Just I will change few phrase according to competitor keyword research.
After confirming your keyword from your side.

Note: If you do not have idea what type of keyword most appropriate for your site or article, I will research for you and will suggest completely free coast. And just give me idea of your product and url

Full website research:
We will research your full website with approved keyword against most and Google top 01-03 competitors according to your targeted keyword.
I will research your website according to Google most importance key factors for ranking any website.

Step 2: Off-page optimization with most effective key factors:

Here, I will create some valuable backlink for you on several importance site with different method.

Below I provided some idea of linking.

★ ★ Very importance mattcutt recommended PR10 -09 high pr SEO backlinks
★★ Skyrocket your website rankings by Top notch SEO service
★★ Blog commenting
★★ Bookmarking
★★ EDU backlinks
★★ Wiki articles Backlinks (contextual backlinks).
★★ Social networks profiles backlinks
★★ Forum profiles backlinks
★★ PR 5-9 do-follow backlinks (mix platforms)
★★ Traffic (gig extra $60 for 1 month)
Traffic will work for Alexa rank.

11 key factors recommendation:
This step is very much importance for your site ranking:
I will make a report for you on excel sheet and find out your strong and weak point compare with your competitor.
Even, I will find out your competitor weak points for dominating your site further.

And, finally I will suggest you 11 most importance key factors as on page suggestion, when I will deliver your order. 11 key factors will play role as like a team.

Note: Your ranking depend on those importance facts. And you must to changes all those according to my suggestion.



Requirements of order start:

✺★✺ Website url:

✺★✺ Keyword: Two keywords only
Example: make money, earn dollar online
Do not use long tail keyword or phrase
Note: Specially we will work for no.1 keyword then second one

✺★✺ Description/Article:
Give me description from your Meta description. Or give me your unique article or content where you use keyword for ranking.

★ Note 1: If you meta description or Article or content will not unique, I will suggest a unique content in final report. And you must to change it.

★ Note 2: You content must to contain your targeted keywords.

★ Note 3: Plagiarism Checker: If need, we will pass your content by Google Plagiarism Checker
then your content 100% unique and safe for google next update.

After complete of order what will you get?
★★ You will get full repot for your website for on page recommendation.
★★ And off page backlink report with 07-10 excel sheet reports from all backlinks

Finally I would like to say, rank depend on your on page changes as our suggestions and Guaranteed Google first page depend on those changes.

And I never tell you, you will get rank within day or week after complete work.
You will get rank gradually with 1-2 months and Google very much love it.

Live proof of Screenshot form google first page by our SEO

Feel free to contact us by inbox if you have any single query

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If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.

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  • rokdiesel
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    Great service! Fast Delivery!

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    Great work! ajLancer always delivers.

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  • rokdiesel
    rokdiesel 2 years ago

    Great product! Always delivers great results.

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      Thank you very much

  • leeous
    leeous 2 years ago

    Hi, I thought the job included onpage optimazation - Im looking to place more orders with the right person to get more traffic to my website and get top rankings please advise - money waiting!

    • ajlancer

      Hi Thanks for your feedback. I suggested on page in report area. You need to change it by yourself according to my suggestion. If you can not do it, you may need to send me login access for your website. And for WordPress script, I will not charge extra. If you want to order more, please give me log in details in order section.

  • imanhejazi
    imanhejazi 2 years ago

    Nice job. Marked as complete.

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much

  • imanhejazi
    imanhejazi 2 years ago

    Dear ​ajlancer;
    WoW, great work and report. Thanks for all of them. you are #1. Just one more question, I think we are not on page 1 for پهنای باند keyword. Should we wait more to achieve that?
    Thank you again. I will place at leat 5 more orders within 10 days.

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much for completing order with nice feedback. Your mentioned keywords now in second page and now number in 17 position and it will back in first page very soon. But your another keyword now in top 5 position on google. I hope you will place more 5 orders very soon.


  • hakimjok11
    hakimjok11 3 years ago

    Great Service, Thanks Youu ...

    • ajlancer

      You most welcome

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  • jaumjauh
    jaumjauh 3 years ago

    okay thanks ..ajlancer

    but why SERP my website:
    why is added to decrease its ranking position in the search engine ....?.
    which had been on the order page to 9 and is now down to the order page 23

    please help me .. why be like this ...?

  • Andreas1975
    Andreas1975 3 years ago


    • ajlancer

      Thanks for completing order

  • tangkasgold
    tangkasgold 4 years ago

    Hey Man... I paid your service for 49$ and you GUARANTEED first page google, then you just give me that stupid backlink ?? are you serious ??? please just cancel my order.. this was bad service man..

    • ajlancer

      Hi did you see my report? I think you did not. I wrote everything what you need to do and how long it will take to rank. Please see my recommendation in deliver details.I suggest you to add keywords in your content or meta tag and meta description. Would you tell me please PR10 back link is bad? Of course no. Please Wait my mentioned time. And I will do another campaign if necessary free of cost.
      Thank you

  • Drobinson76
    Drobinson76 4 years ago

    Greta job!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you so much

  • jeevamani
    jeevamani 4 years ago


    Still My website not coming to to first page for that keyword.

    please check it and let me know..why?

    Thank You.

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    a,m giving 200 dollars for both websites for realy first page on google
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    can you realy make my websites number on google withn 1 to 2 months

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    I want to use this service ..
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    Google First Page (GUARANTEED)! Result in a month with a report of improvement rank

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    anti corrosive paint manufacturers india
    anti corrosive paint for steel
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    I hire someone to do seo linkbuilding. They did a bad job or didnt do the job at all. They told me not to hire anyone else to do the job because the new person wouldn't know what has been done and may damage my ranking. If I hire you are you able to tell what seo work has been previously done in order to know how to best proceed? My site is 13 years old and is already ranked on google, I just wanted to get higher in the rankings and the person I hired either did a bad job or didnt do the job at all.

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    Hope to hear reliable and precise answers from you.


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    Please ensure me how many days you need to need? If I do it 14 or 20 days it is making spam by Google? When you get your payment after done the job?

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    Iam having few articles on my blog written by me

    I can give u links for them

    5 Articles and 2 videos on you tube

    I want all of them on google first page

    Is it possible ?

    Tell me price of 5 articles +2 videos i want them on page 1 of google search

    only one keyword u have to use


    If yes tell me price and time u will take

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    Hello, I have 2 projects, please see attachment.

    Project 1
    Type of site Ecommerce na plataforma Opencart
    Niche Wedding Rings
    Moz Metrics DA 15 / PA 28
    Backlinks 366
    Keywords in Portuguese (Brazil) 10 Keywords 1. Alianças 2. Alianças de casamento 3. Alianças de compromisso 4. Alianças de namoro 5. Alianças de noivado 6. Alianças de ouro 7. Alianças de prata 8. Anel de compromisso 9. Anel de noivado 10. Aparador de aliança

    Please,can you answer my questions?

    1) This domain was expired and in the past had already beendone an SEO job. My questions are, will it be necessary to "resurrect the
    old backlinks?" Do I need to know if you have any problems when you start
    making new backlinks?

    2) This site is not 100% ready, is missing registrationproducts, photos and more. Can this impact anything in SEO work?

    3) The site has 10 categories, each of which has textoptimized for SEO with the right keywords, being a category for each keyword,
    how will you do SEO? I need when someone enters a particular keyword on Google,
    that customer is referred to the appropriate URL of the category sought.

    4) I had another Freelancer who charged me monthly to do theSEO work. My question is, would it be ideal if we have a monthly work contract,
    or once the job is done, is not monthly maintenance necessary until the site
    reaches Google's top position?

    5) How long does it take to get to the top position on Googleon average?

    6) Are you going to do a job just creating Backlinks or willSEO done on Page?

    7) What is the monthly value of your work?

    Project 2
    Type of site Ecommerce na plataforma Opencart
    Niche Computers
    Moz Metrics DA 14 / PA 26
    Backlinks 58
    Keywords in Portuguese (Brazil) 5 Keywords 1. Computador 2. Notebook 3. Monitor 4. Servidor 5. Workstation

    Please,can you answer my questions?

    1) I have another freelancer working on this site with otherkeywords and many of them are already positioned on the first page of Google. I
    need to know if you have any problems when you start making new backlinks for
    other keywords, do I run any risk of losing positioning of the other jobs that
    are in progress?

    2) The site has several categories, each of which has a textoptimized for SEO with the right keywords, being a category for each keyword,
    how will you do SEO? I need when someone enters a particular keyword on Google,
    that customer is referred to the appropriate URL of the category sought.

    3) I had another Freelancer who charged me monthly to do theSEO work. My question is, would it be ideal if we have a monthly work contract,
    or once the job is done, is not monthly maintenance necessary until the site
    reaches Google's top position?

    4) How long does it take to get to the top position on Googleon average?

    5) Are You Going To Do A Job Just By Creating Backlinks OrWill SEO On Page Be Done?

    6) What is the monthly value of your work?

    1 year ago
  • Kerlim


    I read everything on your offer, but I'm not sure I understand.

    Basically, do you offer onpage optimisation advice and build the links needed offpage ? Or is it only advice for both onpage and offpage?


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    I'm trying to reach you by message, but unfortunately you do not respond.
    I want to know when the report will be ready. I know you are some problems, but I need a return.
    The expected date was 13/09.

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  • jonathanzerox

    Hello Mate - love your service and i'd love to purchase but first i want to know whether you'll be able to manage to rank this website for me - it's a youtube to mp3 website and i'd like to rank on google's first page... though the niche is very competitive - check it out and let me know whether we'll be able to work together... thanks

    3 months ago
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