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When it comes to numbers, TIDAL pays BY FAR the most. We're talking approximately $22 every 1,000 original plays!
It might sound like it's not too much, but for a musician starting their career, this is significant. Not just because of the money, but because your TIDAL profile will be rising in popularity and will receive more attention. In addition, it's likely you're not receiving these amount of plays on the platform.

The playlist your track will be added to plays 24/7 non-stop by a group of 12 real people and a couple bots. We try to keep the playlists we use under 30 songs to ensure that long tracks don't interfere too much with how many times yours will be played, however, sometimes our orders stack, it goes out of our control.
We accept all genres by the way!

Are you ready to invest in your music?
Then go ahead and purchase!

I recommend keeping in mind that your music will always struggle to move forward without marketing and making moves. Plus... Even by getting the standard service (no extras) you are sure to profit after the first 500 streams.

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User Ratings

  • saladbowl
    saladbowl 3 months ago

    how do i check?

    • itsabc

      Just click on the links I sent you! There you will easily find your spot!

      Thank you, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact privately!

  • leemannbassey
    leemannbassey 4 months ago

    Phenomenal Job! I highly recommend this seller :-D.

    • itsabc

      Awesome experience with this buyer! Expecting another round of orders!

  • itsyaboih2
    itsyaboih2 5 months ago

    Everything looks good, seller's very direct and does what the job says, hoping for great results and will definitely be back!!

    • itsabc

      Awesome buyer, very quick delivery!
      He gave the service a try and we're certain he'll enjoy the results.
      Should generate income over the next 3 months as expected! Hope to see you soon.

  • Hotsteel
    Hotsteel 8 months ago

    Great job Thank you for quick delivery

  • amgmusic
    amgmusic 8 months ago

    i am higly impress at the service and the speed in which they handle the project and we be doing more business with as the days goes on, Thank u

    • itsabc

      Extremely happy in working with another great customer. Not only was it a blast to listen to the music they shared, but it was a very satisfying to complete the order with such talented musicians. Great work! Keep it up!

  • Ohboytweez26
    Ohboytweez26 8 months ago

    I don’t see my song

    • itsabc

      You're placed #9 on the playlist! Check the link again, please

  • OnlyTmaro
    OnlyTmaro 9 months ago

    Wonderful order. I had the eye for the quality in the seller and he surely didn't disappoint . I have big respect for people with this kind of working ethics and would be surely back again and again to order

    • itsabc

      Extremely happy to have worked with such an outstanding musician and person in general! I can say that as a buyer he was patient and communicative. Definitely a success to have worked with! Many thanks

  • michaelkel
    michaelkel 9 months ago

    Thanks so much for adding me to your list

  • MoneyGrows888
    MoneyGrows888 10 months ago

    Perfect Service. Quick, professional and well done. Hope to be back for the next one. Thanks a mill!

    • itsabc

      Very happy to have worked with MoneyGrows888! We had a wonderful experience and are happy to notice a level of trust in our customers as they try us for the first time! Recommend this buyer!

  • dbyrd24
    dbyrd24 11 months ago

    Phenomenal job again, I will always come back whenever a new song drops.

  • foreverflyent
    foreverflyent 12 months ago

    Great service!! I recommend! Will do business again. Thanks.

    • itsabc

      Wonderful experience with this buyer, in addition to very high quality music. Very glad to have worked with another creative and passionate artist!

  • Dhines89
    Dhines89 1 year ago

    Hi thank you! How can i see how many times my tracks been played? Or how many times my song will be played?

    • itsabc

      Tidal currently has no support for that!
      Your distributor should receive the information every time TIDAL contacts them!

      Thank you very much for your order, very happy to have worked with you!

  • highclass
    highclass 1 year ago

    Thank you!

    • itsabc

      awesome buyer, will have tons of success with his music

  • musicade84
    musicade84 1 year ago

    thank you appreciate that.

  • musicade84
    musicade84 1 year ago

    thanks man. great worker. i will definitely being buying from you again.

  • Nyemask
    Nyemask 1 year ago


    • itsabc

      Another talented musician, much potential and hope to work with in the future!

  • dbyrd24
    dbyrd24 1 year ago

    Very fast service! Itsabc went above and beyond to deliver this service and even threw in some extras. Im completely satisfied and I'm definitely going to come back and purchase again

    • itsabc

      excellent buyer, very driven and astonishingly talented! guaranteed to be on the charts in the future! best of luck with your music and I do hope to see you in the future!

Buyers Comments

  • itsabc

    I'll answer here, just to answer the doubt for any other visitors!
    -> yes, these plays are 12 real human accounts and a couple bots we designed!
    -> and I can't guarantee you will make fans, but I have noticed accounts appearing as more popular accounts than they might actually be due to the high number of plays they get so rapidly!

    1 year ago
  • itsabc

    Yes! They are, very recently TIDAL provided January royalties at a rate of $20 per 1k plays. Outrageous? Yes.

    7 months ago
  • Dhines89

    How many plays will i get from the standard promotion? Daily vs monthly?

    6 months ago
  • edwrossanchez

    In my experience I gained approximately 2.5k streams per month. I use DistroKid.
    This amounted to about $52 or $54 or so monthly over 3 months - so almost $160.

    I invested in a top 3 spot in the playlist, and a third month on this position. So $72.

    $160 - $72 = $88 income over the course of 3 months. (Keep in mind this was early into the year)

    Later I tested the 10k streams alternative as I was a little skeptical and back then it was worth about $140.
    I almost paid double but I was promised 2.5k streams more and faster.
    10k streams is worth around $220-$230

    $224 - $140 = $84 income over the course of 1 month. (Although obviously TIDAL pays months later)
    This guy is trustworthy. Highly recommend just investing large before it's too late.

    6 months ago
  • itsabc

    Thank you for the honest review!

    6 months ago
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