• unlimited human visitors/traffic to your website for 1 month (adsense safe) and get Good Alexa rank
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You will get unlimited REAL and UNIQUE visitors from all around the world which will be tracked by Google analytics visitors instantly. That getting you natural visitors.

** Boost Alexa rankings (Guarantee)
** Each day average 2500 + traffic

This is an amazing deal:

** Order contractual for 30-32 days
** I do not sell specific country base visitors
** I can not ensure you visitor where they come from
** Just provide me your real site url. Example: http://www.learn2way.com

★ I will provide you Goo.gl analytic report with live screenshot

A.T: Do not wary about expected date for 30 days. This days I set because your order will expired after 30 days. Just moment after order your job will progress with in 12 hours.

[If you have any query please feel free to sent me message]

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Disclaimer/Terms of Service:

I do not guarantee anyone that they will generate more sales/conversions. However, I do guarantee delivery of all website visitors that you have purchased with proof of clicks deliver via a goo.gl shortened link or I will refund you.

Traffic is in no way targeted and will come from all around the world.

By purchasing this Service you agree that I am in no way responsible for any damages or losses that may occur.

Have a look live proof below:

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User Ratings

  • fybarra1969
    fybarra1969 3 years ago

    Thank You !!

    • ajlancer

      you most welcome

  • wilson4061
    wilson4061 3 years ago

    you say in post , * Each day average 2500 + traffic *
    But i get in first day 1000 traffic and in next day 0 , and today in have 400 for moment ...
    I hope you resolve this  ;) 

    • ajlancer

      Hello I think you missed my message. I fix the problem and I replay back to you and I said it is now becoming normal. And you will receive as usual traffic from today. But you do not wait for seeing result after fix. I think there may have few problem because I have to handle many order each day. So, problem may happen temporary and after informing now it is fix. So, your opinion not exactly match with situation. Thx

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 3 years ago

    Great work!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you so much

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 3 years ago

    good stuff!

    • ajlancer

      Thanks for completing order

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 3 years ago

    great stuff once again!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much and I am very happy to do work with you last 1 years or more

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 4 years ago

    Great seller!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 4 years ago

    Good stuff!

    • ajlancer

      Thank you very much your your valuable comments

  • henry365
    henry365 4 years ago

    how many visits i will receive per day?

    • ajlancer

      Hi thanks for completing order. Yes I explained everything in service details. You will get approximately 2500-3000 each day.
      If you need any more assist, send message by PM.

      Thanks again

  • exchange
    exchange 4 years ago

    thx nice service !

    • ajlancer

      Thanks for purchasing our service

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 4 years ago

    I'd like to add more traffic to the site. If I purchase more traffic will you be able to provide additional visitors of the same quality to the site?

    • ajlancer

      Yes bro I can. So you can purchase now. Thank you.

  • cboyfamouz
    cboyfamouz 4 years ago

    Very good business thanks for service will need more soon

    • ajlancer


  • nitro212
    nitro212 4 years ago

    Thanks for the service!

    • ajlancer

      You most welcome

  • Elygantthings
    Elygantthings 4 years ago

    Thank you for the timely delivery. Will be back at the end of this campaign to purchase the same service again next month. This one is my favorite. Keep up the good work.

  • bjg19101
    bjg19101 4 years ago

    Hello, the traffic you are sending is lower than what we should be seeing.  I ordered 350,000 and I'm not seeing that pace.  Please advise ASAP or I will ask in the public forum and rank poorly.   This is my forth message to you on this topic.  My site is www.bizzywe.com

    Thank you for correcting the problem, I hope we can continue to do business in the future.  I have changed my rating. 


    • ajlancer

      Bro I solve your problem

  • Harpoqueen
    Harpoqueen 4 years ago

    Hi there, I ordered 500k of traffic but when I click on all of the links I see that the amounts have not been delivered?

    • ajlancer

      Hello bro Please check your report and I provided all different tracking url. And you will see all traffic going on well as your deal as certain amount of traffic for each site. You provided 4 url and I got you 4 different urls for tracking. So it is on going and you will reach all amount traffic within contractual time. You purchased more service before this ordr. So I think you saw I got you all traffic as proper time. So do not need to worry.

  • star21
    star21 5 years ago

    thank you very much dear!

  • Kevin004
    Kevin004 5 years ago

    Great service, thank you

  • niluje
    niluje 5 years ago

    thanks !

    • ajlancer

      You most welcome

Buyers Comments

  • PixelDaniel

    How many visitors can be expected a day? How many per month?

    6 years ago
  • timmynja

    Will this have any negative effect on my adsense and alexa?

    5 years ago
  • cjasonk

    yes if he send fake/ bot/ proxy traffic.

    5 years ago
  • annant

    Hi I have a news website http://www.bigxoomtv.com .. will it be safe to take your services?

    5 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi how much traffic you send in 30 days then?
    How is it unlimited traffic if it lasts for 30 days only?
    Also, can I choose how many to get a day?

    Whats that hitleap.com about? You only send the traffic from there!??

    5 years ago
  • sirenkill

    is this service still active ? and safe ?

    5 years ago
  • multiplaycines

    hi i have some question for. how many visitor send per day os this service? thanks.

    5 years ago
  • e7gizly


    Can you do middle east traffic for www.e7gizly.com?

    5 years ago
  • Angietay89

    Can you please explain what specifically you mean by this statement: "?? If you want more Adsense safe traffic, Please order with service extra"

    5 years ago
  • deptraidatai

    Hi there,

    Will your service increase BOUND Rate?
    For GAdsense mean that you increase my CPC or RPM rate?

    Let me know more details I will consider to use your service.


    5 years ago
  • bjg19101

    I have sent numerous requests for your response and they have all gone unanswered. My traffic is much lower than what was ordered.

    4 years ago
  • mlig4u

    I need niche targeted traffic for a website, which is a traffic exchange site. I wonder, can you give any idea about your traffic source? Cuase if they are PTC traffic they will work in a way, if they are traffic exchange sites they will work on other ways. Traffic could be software/ proxy generated as well or be coming from social media sources. What do you use?

    4 years ago
  • hablar

    Do you guarantee that there will be no bans for monetization with this traffic?How long is the traffic? how many visits per day?

    3 months ago
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