• 75,000+ KEYWORD TARGETED Search Engine TRAFFIC with Low Bounce Rate and High Duration

Here We are happy to present our SPECIAL service which is KEYWORD TARGETED TRAFFIC from Just 75$!!

Here we are Guaranteed to provide Minimum 75,000+ KEYWORD Targeted Traffic for 28 days for just 75$ (Per day 2500+)

Service Features :
  • HQ PR Organic Search Engine TRAFFIC
  • Keyword Targeted ​​(1- 30 Keywords Per 1 URL)
  • 100+ Country Targeted (USA, UK, German, Canada, Australia , Netherlands, France, India and if any other country except these please contact me before purchasing an order )
  • Search Engine Targeted (Google/Yahoo/Bing)
  • Mobile Traffic Targeted !
  • If Country and Search Engine same you can provide up to 30 Sites to Split Total Traffic
  • Low Bounce Rate (0 - 30%)
  • High Duration (50 seconds - 3 Minutes)
  • Completely Track able through Google Analytics
  • 100% AdSense Safe and You can see that your Impressions will increase in your AdSense
  • Best TRAFFIC for SEO and Increase Your RANKING In Google Search Engine, ALEXA and SERP
  • 100% safe from Penguin, panda and latest Hummingbird
  • 100% White Hat Method.

Keywords are the words that web surfers enter in search engines to find websites. If website owners target the incorrectly, the site promotion efforts will be in vain. If you want to target proper keywords we can RESEARCH PROPER SEO base most searched keywords in search engine to your NICHE


Sample - 01

Sample - 02

Sample - 03

Please be Note :

✔ Here we are driving Traffic from your keywords. so you have to track all the details in your Google Analytics or Blog or WordPress , etc... There is no way to provide goo.gl/bit.ly tracking links for the keyword targeted Traffic

✔ Defiantly you will receive low bounce rate and high duration traffic. but if you buy more traffic from different sellers then it will also affect your Google analytics. please be consider this

✔ If you want to track all the details only from your Google analytics please make sure you have correctly activated your google analytics code.

✔ We never provide Traffic to Adult Sites, Drag Sites, Add clicks sites like Adfly and Signup Sites.

✔ You may receive sales but we never guaranteed because we can't control people actions.

✔ Here we will drive minimum 75,000+ Google Organic KEYWORD Targeted Traffic in 28 days for just 75$ (Per day 2500+)

✔ We provide more 2 days free BONUS TRAFFIC for the each and every order (conditions applied)

✔ We provide 100% MONEY BACK warrantee within 3 days (conditions applied)

✔ If you want more keyword target traffic or if you have more questions to ask please comment below or contact me through inbox.

Seller Features :

✔ Completed unique 2000+ orders within 10 moths !
✔ So far 600+ Unique Positive feedbacks with 99%+ Positive Rating !!
✔ 24*7 Customer Support Provided

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User Ratings

  • sbar
    sbar 5 months ago


    • farahjills

      Your traffic stopped.. we will checkout and fix it ASAP.. Thank you

  • johnsserve
    johnsserve 5 months ago

    Great..Fast Deliver .
    I am already seeing the results and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  • Artem086
    Artem086 6 months ago

    Hi guys! Thanks for your job. I'm definitely satisfied with the quality of your work and the communication with me.

    • farahjills

      We are glad to work with this project and looking forward to work more in future.  Thank you :-)

  • seoclark
    seoclark 7 months ago

    professional work and high quality traffic ,
    Thank you very much);-

  • chr22
    chr22 8 months ago

    It would be great)

    • farahjills

      We always great to work with you.  Outstanding experience. Thank You

  • AERS
    AERS 11 months ago


    • farahjills

      Its always great to work with you. Outstanding Experience :-)

  • AERS
    AERS 11 months ago


    • farahjills

      As always best to work with your projects. Thank You sir.

  • AERS
    AERS 11 months ago


    • farahjills

      As always best to work with your projects. Thank You sir.

  • AERS
    AERS 11 months ago

    Delivered exactly as promised, will buy again thanks a lot for the fast work

    • farahjills

      Dream buyer to work !  It's outstanding experience as always. 

  • AERS
    AERS 11 months ago

    Another great experience from this seller and the service was great. Thanks.

  • AERS
    AERS 12 months ago

    Great seller! Another successful business. I advise everyone.

    • farahjills

      It's pleasure to work with you sir. We are looking forward to work more. Thank you ;-)

  • teenvee
    teenvee 1 year ago


    • farahjills

      Outstanding experience and we are looking forward to work more :-)

  • AERS
    AERS 1 year ago

    I would gladly recommend this seller. I got a lot of traffic and I will buy more in the future.

  • AERS
    AERS 1 year ago

    Awesome seller... Makes me happy every time!

  • goalsnow
    goalsnow 1 year ago


    About the country i ask Europe not USA can you please update that?


    • farahjills

      We are already targeting from EUROPEAN COUNTRIES!  
      Thank You

  • teenvee
    teenvee 2 years ago


    • farahjills

      Thank you..  Outstanding experience and we are looking forward to work more with you! )

  • innoval
    innoval 2 years ago

    Hi, I want to ask you if you have started the traffic updation on my website or not..??
    because i am not able to see any results on google analytics and niether any improvement on alexa and similiarweb. please let me know what is going on.

    • farahjills

      We are driving Traffic for your website and I have sent tracking link in deliver report and in inbox also. It will track 100% in your GOOGLE ANALYTICS!  

Buyers Comments

  • srirgaaa2

    Hi Farah,

    What would be a typical conversion rate for my affiliate link? I believe affiliate links are accepted for this service right? Am only expecting a .05% to .1% conversion rate. Possible? Has anybody achieved this earlier?





    3 years ago
  • webmagus

    Can you split the traffic in 30 links on the same site?

    3 years ago
  • farahjills

    We can provide ctr guaranteed traffic also.. Please contact me inbox

    3 years ago
  • Jimohtaiwo

    hello farahjills , i am a nigeria blogger and my website is http://www.360musik.com, can you rank mp3, mp4 website to the first page on google and am posting both nigeria musics and videos also foreign musics and videos, can you target UK,US, and nigeria traffics to my website if i order your service.

    2 years ago
  • farahjills

    Hi. If you want to rank your site you have to do seo for your site. Please checkout our white Hat Seo service and HDA EDU/Gov backlinks service and contact me inbox.. We can help you.. Thank you

    2 years ago
  • Jimohtaiwo

    I couldn't find the White hat seo you said, give me the link.....

    2 years ago
  • kavon4

    Please dm me. Very interested in services

    2 years ago
  • ltt330326

    100% AdSense Safe ? how much is guaranteed traffic ?

    2 years ago
  • kenth168

    Hi, instead of 75,000 targeted traffic in 28 days, can you spread it to 25,000 targeted traffic per month for 3 months? thanks

    1 year ago
  • farahjills

    Yes we can. please contact us inbox for more details. Thank you

    1 year ago
  • paolago

    I need another country not listed and to split it to 25,000 targeted traffic per month for 3 months or one month with 3 different links! Is this possible?

    1 year ago
  • josedavodmarket

    Hello good afternoon, I want to be very clear and direct do not want to waste time and I do not want to waste my time, I am a person who has been living more than 7 years of Google AdSense, I have many customers over 100 and I need quality traffic for my web pages , traffic with a maximum rebound of 20 to 30%, and that is a constant traffic I'm asking you to tell me which is the best traffic package you have with which you recommend to send to pages that are working with Google AdSense, and that this traffic is not a reason for G Google me penalized my accounts.

    2 months ago
  • Piergiorgio


    I would like to do a new 12 month campaign until December 31st 2019. But I would like to pay monthly. I would like 10,000 unique daily accesses that visit different pages of my website.

    Geographic targeting: Italy

    Language: Italian

    I would like traffic in 50 URLs of the same domain.

    For 5 Keywords

    Amount of traffic: 10,000 / day (with low bounce rate >60 sec. session).

    Campaign Runtime: 30 days (for 1 year)

    How much does the monthly cost cost?

    Best regards,


    1 month ago
  • myfaceporn


    have this really Unique IPs or is this 100% Proxies and bot traffic ?

    1 month ago
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