• Proxy Miner :: Proxy Harverster, Scraper and Tester
  • Proxy Miner :: Proxy Harverster, Scraper and Tester
  • Proxy Miner :: Proxy Harverster, Scraper and Tester

Version: 1.1

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server

Additional Requirements

Internet Connection


Not Included

The Most Powerful Proxy Harvester Get thousands of working proxies for free

Endless Working Proxies!
Tired of scraping and testing proxies or buying proxies to use with your tools or just to browse anonymous?
Proxy Miner is the solution, very easy to use yet very powerful.
Proxy Miner will harvest the latest proxies from search engines and test them before saving in a file for your use.
With Proxy Miner you can filter the proxies per anonymity level, country, test against a site, test if allow SSL.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcyLvF46z_c

  • Multi-Threading
  • Filter by Country
  • Filter by Anonymity Level
  • Proxy Harvester
  • Proxy Tester
  • Proxy Scraper from your own sources
  • Test SSL
  • Test against any site
  • Set time between Harvest/Scrape/Test
  • Set the path and filename for proxies

What you can do with proxies:
  • Browse the Internet anonymously
  • Use in SEO tools
  • Use in scrapping bots
  • Sell working proxies

I need to have my own proxy sources?
No, you can use the software without any proxy sources, the software will harvest proxies from search engines

How many proxies can I get?
Literally thousands of proxies, the software the more time it runs the more proxies will have

How can I use the proxies from the software?
The software saves the proxies automatically to a file, you can change the path and name of that file to be used in most of software that need proxies

Can I test the proxies against a specific site?
Yes, the software have that option, if enabled that option you only get proxies that are work with the site

User Ratings

Buyers Comments

  • rock994

    I downloaded bot then I started to use then a error popped up on my screen then it stopped charging is there any way you can fix this error for me

    3 years ago
  • markookram

    is there country "Croatia" ..any proxy ??

    2 years ago
  • marketmultiply

    Does it provide private proxies? Or only public ones? (Google, Facebook, etc, know all the public proxies...)

    2 years ago
  • emeraldcups

    Does it have an option : auto switching between good proxies (harvested) ? like elite proxy?

    1 year ago
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