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PROVIDE 100 PR3-PR7 Home Page/Inner Pages Links Guaranteed Boost In Rankings for $26

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PROVIDE 100 PR3-PR7 Home Page/Inner Pages Links **Guaranteed Boost In Rankings**

Overview of what we provide

We will place your URL and Keywords on a variety of High PR pages and homepages on over 40 Private Networks some of them INVITE ONLY!
All links will be placed on pages with PR 1 or higher, with many PR 3/4/5+ homepage links!
Links will be placed on pages with less than 10 OBLs, even as low as 1 or 2 OBLs.
We use aged authority sites so all links are quickly indexed.
English language sites with targeted .com/.net/.org TLDs.
Backlinks are from all different types of diverse site platforms, this is not a blog network.
Sites are all different TLDs, themes, languages, and scripts.
Private Links! You can't just sign up on these sites and post links no way!
All sites are from DIFFERENT IPs, Name Servers, Hosting Companies, ALL UNIQUE, virtually no footprint!
You will receive a tracking link to monitor your campaign's progress (via SerpBook).
We Provided #1 rankings for over 1000 clients!

So it begun...

Over 1000 members have passed through our doors since opening and we have seen some amazing stuff! Its humbling to think that we the Speed Rank team helped play a major part in what is today one of most popular and powerful link building strategies!

Our team has always been dedicated to bringing our client rankings with swift SPEED! Hence our name Speed Rank, this started out with sape as it was the most powerful tool around when we opened and still remains the most powerful tool in our arsenal to this day.

As time went on we were asked if we could add more networks similar to SAPE by our loyal clients, things had evolved so must our service...

Proudly we introduce Speed Rank 2.0 with over 40 Russian networks including SAPE on the 28th of June, several of these networks are INVITE ONLY no one else on Monster Backlinks has access to these!
Panda, Penguin 2.0 hah not around here!...
The links will be live on a monthly basis, meaning that they will be removed if you opt out of the service, I know this is not for everyone but the simple fact is that these are powerful links they will pay for themselves ten times over if used on a properly optimized and monetized site.

This is not your run of the mill service were the links will eventually roll off the page on which the PR is and lose power, Oh no! The difference here and the reason for monthly rental is that these will always be on the page on which the PR is held, if a page loses its PR the link is moved to a replacement page with PR, this in itself is worth its weight in gold, these links maintain PR and stay powerful!


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