• 1 Month To Your Own Online Business
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The primary thing that you need to bring to your business is a flat out determination to succeed. From the earliest starting point, you must be totally, 100% discovered that whatever you do is going to succeed, without special case. You must be eager to do whatever it takes to attain that achievement, actually recognizing that there will at times be an "expense" included (e.g. less time with your family in the early days).
How to get your business done in just one month plan. remember that "failing to plan is planning to fail".

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Table of Contents

  1. - Introduction
  2. - You must bring something to the table
  3. - Understanding internet marketing
  4. - Taking stock so far
  5. - It has to be something that people need or want
  6. - Your initial market research
  7. - Yahoo! Answers
  8. - 43 Things
  9. - MySpace Groups
  10. - Yahoo! Directory
  11. - Is there money being spent?
  12. - Can you attract visitors?
  13. - Sourcing a suitable product
  14. - Keeping it simple
  15. - Write your review
  16. - It all comes down to visitors
  17. - Find a forum
  18. - Social sites for traffic and links
  19. - Become a video star
  20. - Articles
  21. - It’s persistence that counts
  22. - Conclusion

Excerpt from the eBook

Most people come into online business or internet marketing with a
vaguely held idea that they somehow want to earn money on the net.
It is however necessary to have a slightly more developed idea of how internet marketing works and where the money is to be made, if you are to succeed.

Returning to our earlier concept, although it has changed beyond all
recognition over the past decade, the internet is still primarily about
providing information. Consequently, the basic idea behind internet
marketing is that you start a business that can provide the kind of
information people are looking for, and earn money in the process.

In its simplest form, this would involve nothing more than having an
information product that people want to buy, and selling it to them. In
the same way that your local storekeeper asks for money because you have asked them for a loaf of bread, you can set up an internet
business where you sell information.

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