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Are you look to start an online business and make a steady income from home but have no idea where to start. I think I can help have you ever heard of drop shipping. Drop shipping is a low-risk high-profit business model where you have no inventory. In seven chapters my ebook will teach you the ins and out of drop shipping. In every aspect from where to wholesale from and how to market what niches are the most profitable and the five golden rules of drop shipping. This ebook has it all and will help on your way to financial freedom

Table of Contents

  1. ContentsIntroductionChapter 1 Five Golden Rules toDropshippingChapter 2 Reasons for Starting aDropshipping BusinessChapter 3 Things to ConsiderChapter 4 The Advantages andDisadvantagesChapter 5 How to get StartedChapter 6 How to find a ReputableDropshipping SupplierChapter 7 Selling Through an eBay StoreConclusion

Excerpt from the eBook

Dropshipping is a type of retailing where insteadof the retailer (meaning you) actually keeping thegoods in stock at their own location, they insteadpass the order, along with the shipment detailsfrom a customer to a wholesaler. It is then thejob of the wholesaler to dispatch the goods ordereddirectly to your customer for you. The great thingabout this method is that not only do you not needto have a large warehouse for storing all the goodsyou are selling, but also you make a profit throughthe price you pay for it wholesale, and the pricethat you sell it to your customer for.In fact, where drop shipping is concerned, you areactually acting as the middleman for the productthat your customer receives and the manufacturerwho produces it. This particular type of system isextremely beneficial to both small retail shops, aswell as internet-based stores or those people whouse mailing catalogs in order to generate sales fortheir companies. In fact, many customers whopurchase their products in this way seem to not betoo bothered that there is a delay between the timewhen the products are ordered and when theyactually, have them arrive.But the biggest problem that is being addressed bydropshipping is that retailers no longer have toworry about controlling their inventory, as this isdone for them by the wholesaler instead.Unfortunately, in a more traditional retailsetting, the products a store owner orders will beordered in bulk, and they will then need to be keptin a secure location until they can be displayedand sold. What this means is that you are addingcosts to an already large budget, as you will needto have storage space available, along with hiringstaff to maintain the storage area and ensure thatthe goods are ready for delivery to the store andto know what levels each product is at. You willalso, need to spend money investing in a goodquality security system in order to prevent thegoods from being stolen. However, if you were touse dropshipping instead, then you do not need toretain a large stock of your inventory on site, andalso, you no longer needed to employ a large team ofstaff.

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