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I created an All-In-One document with all the marketing resources available on the net. Everything You need (and more) can be found in this document. I’ve paid for countless tools that I could have gotten for free and that made me pretty mad because I was spending money on stuff just because I didn’t know where else to find what I needed. Well, that’s the whole reason I created this guide. I have put together a bunch of different sections to cover everything you will need as a marketer. By simply opening up this file and going down the list you will be able to find whatever you are looking for in under 30 seconds instead of wasting your time searching through Google only to end up paying $194 for something you could get for $30 or even FREE. In this guide I have laid out all the different tools according to their function and purpose. For example, if you need traffic there is a section for traffic, and even sub-sections for free and paid traffic. All you need to do is find the right section and go through the list. If you want to get access to the BEST free and paid marketing resources from around the net then this is literally and figuratively push-button!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction - Pages 3-4
  2. Resources - Pages 5-27

Excerpt from the eBook

Thanks for taking the time to pick up and go through my WSO. I have created this document in order to help Internet Marketers find the right tool or resource for your specific task.
As we have all found out, the World Wide Web is massive and filled with amazing resources. The only problem is that sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what you need.
There are tons of people who advertise their product, service, or business to us on a regular basis, and although they may deliver value it’s tough to decide if they have what we need.
Personally, I have bought so many different products and subscribed to different services so I am not saying I’m against paying for what you need. The thing that makes me mad though is that I am often bombarded with advertisements for products that cost money (real hard-earned dollars) AND when I do some research I find a FREE tool that does the exact same thing.

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