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Are alt tags still necessary?

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Are alt tags still necessary?

The alt image attribute is necessary as it tells Google what your image is about. Without this alt tag, Google would not know what your image was about and might take inference about the photo's subject from surrounding text. This tag is also useful for helping a vision impaired person to understand what's being shown in the image. For all it's good points, the image tag can be abused. You should never keyword spam in an image tag, but only use words that are necessary to describe the image. Share your point of view?


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Well put Are alt tags still necessary?

I use an alt tag trick when using platforms like
Instead of using a keyword for my alt tag, I'll use a service description and also add "Click Here" so they know there is a clickable link.

Why do I do this?
I do this because using the third party ad service like buysellads and using correct alt tags won't help you in the search engines at all since the images are actually hosted on their own servers. So by adding, for example, "Top Rankings Guaranteed In Google for $594 - CLICK HERE" instead of "SEO Service" I'll get more click throughs and people will already know what my service is and what it costs ;)

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ALT attributes are very important way of optimizing your images for search engines! Since search engine crawlers don't see images as we do, they are looking for image names, alt tags and titles while they reading your web page and that's how they know what is that image about. So it's similar to adding H1 to H6 taglines to text which should be pointing crawlers in right direction while they ranking your website keywords.

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To be honest, I don’t know what an Alt tag is and I’m glad to learn something from this discussion. That means I have to use Alt tag when I am posting a picture and the tag is like a keyword? What is that “click here” all about? If that would be the question of the reader then there would be a tendency to click that button.

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