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Is copied content the same as duplicate content?

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Is copied content the same as duplicate content?

A lot of people are saying that copied content is the same as duplicate content, but I'm always seeing syndicated or guest content (as in copied and published from another site) on big sites. If it's so bad to have copied content, then why aren't those sites being penalized for it?


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Copied content is content that is copied from another website without permission. Duplicate content is identical content that are on two different pages on your or other websites. It isn’t really copied content if you have permission to use the content. Mainly, the word copied is used when you use other people’s content without their permission. This is plagiarism so Google will penalise it. Generally speaking, duplicate content will be penalised by Google but there are ways to get around it. For example, people republish guests posts on their websites and they can put the canonical tag in their article by adding rel=“canonical” to the link back to the original post. This tells Google that you are referencing the original article so you don’t get penalised. It is very important that you always link back to the source to avoid plagiarism.

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Hi I think copied content and duplicate content are same. Some of reputed website may publish copied content and it should barrier for SEO result and Google being penalized. But I think they use it safely by using synonyms and antonyms. If you use synonyms not changing meaning for any content and if pass by plagiarism checker as 100% unique, therefore copy content will not impact SEO result as negatively.
By this way huge website using duplicate content as I see.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Duplicate or copied content, they are the same and it depends on the way a copied content is presented. For example, you can include a copied content in your blog as a reference or better, to enclose it in quotations to mean that it is not your original. But when the copied content is presented to pass off as original, I think that will be a violation of the copyright law and the website can be penalized. Regarding penalty, it can take effect today or it can take a month or even a year.

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