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Kayako where is $_defaultFooter ?

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Kayako where is $_defaultFooter ?

I'm using a Kayako demo and looking to change the data in the templates. There is a footer text that I want to remove and I've found it as <{$_defaultFooter}> in the __swift/config/swift.templates.xml folder of Kayako.... but I can't find this anywhere in the template editor or admin control panel.

Anyone know where this comes from or where to change?


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It is in the "languages" section of the admincp and comes from

__swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceControlPanel.php:$this->Template->Assign('_defaultFooter', sprintf($this->Language->Get('poweredby'), SWIFT_PRODUCT));

__swift/library/TemplateEngine/class.SWIFT_TemplateEngine.php:$this->Assign('_defaultFooter', sprintf($_SWIFT->Language->Get('defaulttitle'), SWIFT_PRODUCT, SWIFT_VERSION));

Check out the phrase 'poweredby' and 'defaulttitle'. You should be able to change/modify it there.

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