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Google counts nofollow links or not..?

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Google counts nofollow links or not..?

Hello i know that this is a weird question and i know the difference between nofollow and dofollow but a friend of mine told me that now google counts nofollow links and he is trying to explain me any logic but i didn't understand that..Do you guys have any knowledge related to that.?


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Google still counts all links as a link (backlink). All a no follow link does it tell it (the crawler) not to crawl that link and not to pass any Page Rank or juice through to that link. But a no follow link can still have value. For instance, the link could be on a high traffic page and would send you a lot of traffic to your site from that link which could result in sales and earnings for you. So that kind of link (even if it's no follow) can still be valuable and worthwhile having in the long run. Plus as said, a link is still a link even if it's no follow and that can still be counted as a "vote" to your site. So it would be wrong to say that no follow links don't help in SEO and can't increase your ranking in the search engines. It would be expected of your site in time if it's a big and popular site that it have a lot of no follow links. But at the same time, it would also have some do follow links as well perhaps from blog posts that are talking about your site/product or brand for example. So don't turn your back on no follow links. The only ones you don't really want are the ones that are on low quality sites that aren't even related to what your site is about.

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As far as link juice goes, nofollow link doesn't count. But in the big picture they are very beneficial for any website, this will give a sense of normality for the website and after the panda update this is a must if you want to be ranked good by google.

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Google is not count nofollow link.....

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A nofollow link is a link that is included on a webpage using standard html markup but includes an attribute to prevent passing link juice or reputation to the destination page. This type of link does not improve the link target search engine ranking.

Here is a hyperlink to Google followed by the same link with the nofollow attribute added.

<a href="">Google</a>
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Google</a>

Google, Yahoo, and MSN all include nofollow links in site backlink counts. Google only shows a select few backlinks for each domain when using the link operator from the web interface. Google webmaster tools record of backlinks includes nofollow links even though they are absent using the link operator.

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yes it doesGoogle counts nofollow links or not..?

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Google count's them and they are really important to make your link building look natural because when real people are linking to your site it's most time with no-follow attribute so having to much do-follow links is like telling Google that something isn't right there.

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I have been studying SEO just in this site and I am proud to say that I have been learning so good. However that no-follow and do-follow links can really mess up my mind. I just couldn’t come to terms with that part of SEO learning. I also wonder why some sites would set their link to be a no-follow. Are they being selfish or what? I guess a backlink is a backlink whether it is a do-follow or no-follow although the latter has no effect on search engine rankings.

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No observe, do observe isn't always the actual difficulty. The fact is which you are looking to create a reciprocal link. That is how it will be counted. You are higher off simply getting the dofollow from the review site. Do link again. You could build different hyperlinks in your article at the dofollow web page from other places (no longer your mainsite). If it is notably ranked and you search engine optimization your article, you will be properly to move. instyle jackets

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