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Which are the Best Online Training Websites?

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Which are the Best Online Training Websites?

I recently shared about how I found starting working online really tough because every time I thought I had learned something valuable very soon afterwards I would read something that contradicted what I had learned and then I wouldn't know which was right and which was wrong.

All I wanted was to find a way to learn the right way to do things (as in the white hat techniques) and also in a step by step format.

The reason I struggled so much is that there are so many scams online. If you do a Google search for "make money online" or "learn online marketing" the results are riddled with scams.

So how would you as experienced online marketers recommend a newbie learn how to start their own online business? Not a business that trains a newbie how to make money in one way but a website that shows a newbie how to set up their very own website and shows them all the different ways that they could make use of to make money online?

Here are the websites that I have found that I like:

  • Wealthy Affiliate University (I am a member and I love this website)
  • Affilorama
  • Bring The Fresh
  • The Chris Farrell Membership

And of course here is a great place to learn too, but I am looking specifically for learning platforms in this post.

Any suggestions? How did you learn how to make money online?


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I believe you need to stay informed, especially in the SEO industry. Knowledge is key and at the rate things are moving even month old news can be absolute.

I don't really believe in training websites, especially when it comes to online marketing, there tons of websites out there that promise you the world on a silver plate, don't trust them you won't learn much from them. I promise you that EVERYTHING in those courses can already be found online, for free.

My suggestion? Install Feedly ( RSS and blog reader) and add all the popular SEO blogs you can find. Things like Moz, search engine land, etc. You will get a daily dose of articles and tutorials, read them every day and try to implement and test that information yourself as much as possible! Don't just read them, you won't get anywhere!

Put those free tutorials and articles into practice, try to discover the same stuff yourself or try to end up with the same conclusion. At least this is the way I'm doing things and I'm fairly up to date.

And another tip: Nobody can keep the step with a whole industry, trust me, you can't know everything!

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Oh yes Cristian I totally agree with you, it is important to keep up to date and one website won't keep you informed of everything, especially those that promise the world to you!

I've never used Feedly before but it has been recommended to me loads of times. Thanks for sharing your tips Which are the Best Online Training Websites?

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You have a point. However, before you can read the book, you need to learn alphabets. The training websites will help you learn the alphabets, once you know the alphabets you can try reading the books yourself.
Yes, it is better to get started with resources that is available for free on the internet. However, how to get started, or where to begin, can become a big problem.

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while I have not tried this myself, I hear that Udemy is a good place to learn online. Udemy offers short term course on various topics, from writing to internet marketing, programming, designing etc. Interestingly, Udemy courses are also cheap. You can enroll for a course of your choice for as little as $60.

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