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Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don't! - Here's the truth.

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Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don't! - Here's the truth.


Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don

Monster Backlinks affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs I've ever seen. Period.

I have more than 1,100 affiliates BUT people don't seem to realize the truth about this. Some people seems to believe that I can make a full time living off of my affiliates here on SC, and that's faaaaar from the truth. And that's the reason I brought you this topic.

Take a look at the screenshots below. This is the affiliate sales for the last couple of days.

Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I donDo you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don

As you can see, I make somewhere between $0,4 and $2,2 per day. It's more common to earn $0,2-$0,5 per day but I guess that my most recent thing I've been doing, have increased the activity a little bit.

So, with that being said.. - $0,5 per day.. That's not a full time income, right?

The thing is, that most of my affiliates are not active. Most of them have bought just a handful of services and spent $2 or $10 at the most.. And then, they stopped.

However, if, or and when, they decide to come back and purchase something again, I'll be here, waiting, and collecting 10% of the money they spend. - And that's why Monster Backlinks affiliate program is awesome.

So, what can I do then? - And what should I do?

I have affiliates but I want them to be active again.. - So I literally just sent them a message. Unfortunately, I had to do this manually, as there's no option to send all my affiliates a message.

Within that simple message, I just wrote something like:

"Hello username.
I can see that you've signed up using my affiliate link and I just thought I'd ask you if there's something I can help you with?"

- And that simple message, actually gave me a tiny boost in affiliate earnings again.

Why? - I have no idea. I don't know the real reason behind it, but I guess that it could be anything of these..

  • My affiliates forgot about SC.
  • They didn't have enough money to afford services.
  • They didn't know what to buy.

And sure, it could be any of these reasons, but it could be something entirely different too. At the end, it doesn't really matter.. As long as I get them to use SC again.

Here's the thing.
People are looking for affiliates. They need affiliates. They want affiliates.

They do whatever they can to bring new affiliates.. But they forget about their existing ones. - Don't do that.

Best Regards,


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Very true Andre. I also have large list of affiliates but only about 5% is active currently. And yeah most of them who bought anything made just one or few transactions, while i have some very active affiliates too....

So i was asking my self what to do, to make them active more

I used to send $10 coupons to new affiliates and yet there were so many who didn't use it or buy anything, so i ask my self why the heck they signed up at all... Curiosity? Maybe...

Sending messages may be a good idea, but we have to be careful about TOS and spam policy too, so it's kind of dancing on the ice Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don
I am still looking for best idea to push my affiliate sales and signups too

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That is very true anweb. What you said about the TOS. I didn't send the message I talked about to all my affiliates. I only did that to a handful of affiliates, and those affiliates wasn't active. In fact, most of them hadn't logged in for 2+ months or so. Which is why I picked those people.

But once I sent them a message, I could see that most of them actually logged in again, (probably due to the email they got about a new notification on SC). So for me, it was a great idea, but I wish it was easier to contact all of them at once. Best part of it, was that some of them started to purchase services again.. And that means, more money to me!

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Thanks for this discussion Andre. Gaining affiliates to Monster Backlinks is something I want to work on during next year. The thing is that if you can have 1100 affiliates you can certainly get more and get your residual income up by a nice amount.

I love this affiliate program. I have found it very easy to promote and to make some affiliate sales which is lovely. Affiliate marketing is just not as easy as a lot of people make it out to be, but Monster Backlinks has to be one of the most successful affiliate programs I promote and honestly I have not spent much time and energy on it yet.

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The possibilities are endless. Truly endless.

Just imagine 1100 more affiliates.. Or just 1 single super affiliate like Facebook or something. LOL! - That would be sick! Do you make a living off of your affiliates?! - No I don

And sure, I did put in tons of work to gain my affiliates for sure, but nowadays, I know what I did previously, so it should be easier to get more affiliates from now on.. But at the same time, I won't be able to do the same things I did, so I still have to find new ways of getting them.. But it's SO worth it in the end.

The main thing I have to remember, is to not focus on buyers when I try to get affiliates. I need to focus on both sellers and buyers, as sellers too, will probably buy a service at some point, and it's a shame to miss out on the 10% from their orders.

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I would love to gain $2 per day in affiliate sales.That would mean somewhere between 350 bucks per year. Who is going to give you 350 dollars just like that? Nobody! And that's why I think affiliate sales are a great way of passive income, sure you may need to gain a few more new affiliates each year to balance the inactive ones, but overall you will earn some money constantly over large periods of time.

Love the insights Andre, especially the screenshot, those are a lot of incomplete orders though, hope the sellers get them delivered fast!

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You're welcome Cristian and yeah, I'd love to get that too, and I do love to earn that. Especially as it's 100% passive nowadays, after I got the affiliates.

However, it's often a few cents per day, due to the clearing period etc. So I can see basically see anything from $0,2 and $2,12 etc, on top of my balance. - But I usually withdraw the whole amount, so I can't keep the affiliate earnings separated really.. Do you have any ideas on that one?

To keep my balance and affiliate income separated?

I could basically just withdraw the amount I want too, and keep some money in my balance, and make sure I keep only the affiliate income for instance, but that would be tricky to do after a few days, as I would have to count it manually..

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When it comes to get affiliates for my business, I am a complete failure. I don't know where to find leads. Even if I manage to find leads, I don't know how to encourage them to buy services and products so that I can earn commissions.
In my experience, in order to get affiliates, you need to have one major skills: ability to convince people. You may easily convince your friends and family, but how do you convince a stranger. In order to convince a stranger, you need to be a great influencer.
How do you become an influencer is the basic question when it comes to get affiliates and earn commissions fro affiliate sales.

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I have to agree that your affiliates are not productive when it comes to sales so you either get new affiliates or make the existing affiliate more active. I have plans of getting into affiliate marketing because of the prospect that it can be my livelihood when I go full time in freelancing. This discussion is a good eye opener to at least give me an insight that affiliate marketing needs to be worked on regularly that you cannot expect a good income by just sitting down.

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