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Keyword Not in top 100 dropped on Ahrefs

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Keyword Not in top 100 dropped on Ahrefs

I was tracking keywords with Ahrefs and had a few phrases in the top 100. They weren't very close to the top 10, near the 50-100 range. I started building guest post backlinks to them (all random/begin anchors with no matching keywords) which were all high quality with 500+ words on domains that are typically DR30+. They weren't moving much but today I logged in and saw they were not in the top 100 and Ahrefs has:

not in top 100 dropped

for several of those keywords. I checked the URL for each of them and they were all still indexed. I can also find them searching for other, related terms. What exactly does that mean? I couldn't find anything on Ahrefs but obviously the URL isn't dropped. Does it simply mean it dropped out of the top 100?


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Sometimes when your rankings drop like that (most times in fact) they come back again but better. That's what I've found when this has happened to me before anyway. I've had sites drop out of the top 100 overnight but then come back a day or two later with better rankings than before. It could be with all those new links you've been building to your site that Google is dancing you around and working out your new rankings in the SERPs. The best thing to do now (well the only real thing you can do now) is to wait a couple days more and see if your site comes back within the top 100 for those keywords as it usually does but better.

So this isn't necessarily a bad thing for you. It could be a good thing! But it could also mean that your site has well and truly been outranked and ranked where Google thinks it should be. If I was you, I would check WMT (Webmaster Tools / Search Console) to see if there are any messages in there as that can tell you why. It could be they've detected some "unusual activity" as they like to call it and if that's the case, you may need to do a bit of a clean up but that's worst case scenario.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Well, by reading what you have said, I would guess it's most likely the first thing. I find it quite hard to believe that such a sudden drop could happen overnight. Just do like he said, wait for a few days and see what's going to happen.

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Sometimes I get discouraged whenever I would read a discussion about SEO methods that look very complicated like this one. The keyword tracking requires time and patience not to mention the analysis that you would have to do on the result. What if the keyword dropped in its ranking, is there a need to change the keyword for a more effective ranking? I consider myself a newbie in SEO and I am just beginning to learn the use of proper keywords.

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