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7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

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7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

When you first get into blogging it will feel like a huge burden to do everything all at once.  There are loads of courses out there telling you what to do and digesting all of that could be difficult, all while building up your blog and bringing in targeted traffic to click on your ads, purchase your eBooks, get in the eyes of big businesses that may want to sponsor your blog, etc.

We know that blogging will be around for a long time, so getting started now doesn't mean you're going to fall behind due to the thousands of bloggers within your specific niche.  Over time you'll become an authority within your niche and have thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of subscribers waiting for your next article.  Now, in the beginning it isn't as easy as you would think, you can't just make a wish and traffic will appear and money will flow into your account.  You have to put in the time before you see anything positive happening 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

The problem with bloggers trying to make money from their blogs, and failing, isn't because they were posting the wrong content or just running a bad blog in general.  The problem is they don't know exactly how to monetize their own blog to increase their profits.  For that reason, I've written up this discussion about how you can monetize your blog for increased profits.

How to Monetize Your Blog

We all know there are dozens of ways to monetize a blog, but there really are 8 main ways to do this effectively and get the best results out of what you're doing.  You don't have to follow all 8 of these points I'm going to cover when one or two will work just fine.

Posting Affiliate Links
Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of making money online right now because almost anyone is allowed to sign up for a system and push their links across the internet.  Have you ever joined one of those "Advertise your business for free" groups on Facebook?  Well, I would recommend not joining them because all that is advertised there are affiliate links from people not understanding how to capture an actual client lol.

One reason people like getting into affiliate marketing is because they don't usually have their own products but want to sell something and make a commission from the sale.

What you'll have to do is find a product or service related to your blog and put a few affiliate links to the product on your website.  When someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase, you get a commission from that sale.

Banner Advertisements
I'm sure you've come across plenty of websites that have banner ads on their pages.  These websites make money for each click that is going through those ads or getting paid a one time fee at the beginning of the month for the banner to show all the time.  I personally like the one time up front fee because I can usually get more clicks than if I were to pay for a PPC platform pushing my banners.  Basically, my CPC is usually lower if I pay the one time fee compared to paying per click through something like Adwords.

Once you're getting a lot of traffic, at least 10,000 uniques per day, you can start charging a premium for your ad placements.  You can easily get $200+ per month if you're getting 300,000 unique visitors to your website every 30 days.  And remember, you can have multiple ad spots that will rotate various banners.  This means you can have 3 sections for ads that allow different sizes, each ad can rotate 10 different ads and you'll get $200 for each placement.  This is just a quick example, you will have to play around with the numbers to get a closer estimate 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits.

Newsletters and Email Marketing
When you hear Email Marketing, you probably think you're going to be spamming people, but that's far from the truth.  Sure, there are plenty of people out there who scrape together emails and blast out the same message to all these people and have a very low success rate.  With proper email marketing you'll need to build up your list and send out newsletters that people will actually want to read.  You can use third party services such as MailChimp and Aweber to capture your emails and automate the newsletter process. 

You'll be able to build a connection with your readers and bring them back into your blog through these emails.  You can also add in some affiliate links to the emails and vouch for the specific service or product and watch the sales roll in if your list is large enough 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

A good rule of thumb is that you can make roughly $2 per month from each email you have legitimately gained to your list.  This means that you have a capture system on your website and people willingly sign up for your newsletters.  If you have 1,000 emails on your list, and you didn't add them yourself, you can expect to make around $2,000 a month from these people.  Imaging if you had 100,000 emails of 1,000,000 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

Sell Niche Related eBooks
This is no new method to making money online, people actually did this when the internet started and they still do it today.  The only difference is that now you can get your eBook on websites like Amazon and have a broader reach to pull in more buyers 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits 

Ebooks are a fairly quick way to make money if you write down how long it takes to compose the book compared to how long it will actually make you money.  There are some people who wrote up an eBook 10 years ago and it's still making them plenty of money today 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits  Of course, you'll have to update the book fairly often if you're in an industry that is always changing, like SEO, but that's just something you'll have to deal with in order to stay ahead of your competition.

You'll need a great cover image and you will also need plenty of diagrams, charts, and examples within the eBook in order to keep people interested and eventually they will share where others can get your book.  You could always post a 50 page eBook, with no images, but people will quickly stop reading and move on to a different one.  Or you could turn that 50 page no image book into a 200+ page eBook and people will pay more than they would for the 50 page book without images lol.

Sell Courses on Your Blog
You can sell your own courses or sell spots to someone elses course, it's up to you.  If you're selling spots in someone elses course, you won't be seen as the authority within your niche since you're basically saying "Hey, here's someone that knows a lot about our industry!  Listen to him instead of me!" and they will go to his blog and stay there.  But it's up to you whether you want to sell your own stuff or someone elses.

If you sell your own courses, you need to make sure they are top notch.  You can't have some 10 minute course and expect to make $194 per person.  If you have a 1 hour course for $194 and it's jammed full of useful information, people will buy it.  You will just need to create some teaser trailers in order to get them interested and then they will sign up 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

Selling Digital Services or Products
A digital service or product can pretty much be anything.  You just need it to have value to your viewers and they will likely purchase it.  I have an SEO blog where I promote my own SEO services.  Now, the content I post is free but if they want me to actually perform any SEO or marketing no their website, they will need to sign up for my services.  This is a great example of selling a related digital service on your blog that will help others who are reading your content.  If you run a motorcycle shop that sells various bike parts, start blogging about motorcycles and promoting your business, you'll likely get a wave of customers coming in and purchasing from you because they see you as the authority 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

Selling your own digital service and products can take up a lot of time.  You will have to keep blogging as well as performing tasks for the new clients, and this is why a lot of people will outsource the work as a sort of white label digital service.  They can be the middle men while someone else works on the service and when it's finished, all you have to do is send a report 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

Coaching and Consulting
It's amazing how many people are starting to get into this coaching and consulting niche.  I've done it plenty of times over the course of my career and it's pretty good money.  I remember one time I didn't even have to leave my house to consult someone, we just did everything over Skype and teamviewer, and I made $6,000 for a week of work 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits  I was actually sick when they wanted to do the consulting and I told them we would have to postpone it a week until I was better, but they didn't want to.  I pitched the skype/teamviewer idea and they loved it.  I went over everything that was needed to know in order to get their website to the top of the rankings and how they could do it themselves, and I got paid at the end of the week 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

Consulting and coaching won't make you a decent amount of money in the beginning because you'll need to have a decent following before anything picks up.  You don't need thousands of people talking to you each day, but 300 to 500 will be a good start.  You can pair up your coaching and consulting service with your newsletters and email marketing to get the biggest bang for your buck 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

In Conclusion
These are some of the main ways you can make money through monetizing your blog.  You won't get rich overnight, but if you stick with it, you can make plenty of money to quit your nine to five daily grind 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits  I've written for many blogs, as well as my own, and I've done all of the above methods so I know they work.  The bigger you get in your industry, the more you can make from a single ad space or service, so stick with it and be the big man on campus in your niche 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

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Once things get up and running and I start gaining some decent traffic, I intend to use a combination of things to start finally monetizing my blog. The current methods that I'm interested in the most are a combination of banner advertisements/affiliate marketing and selling niche related eBooks. I've seen banner advertisement and AdSense programs get a decent amount of praise from bloggers, so that seems like a very appealing option. Besides that, getting an eBook out would feel like a good way to not only make some money but also push myself to be creative and work on a potentially lucrative creative project.

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Pushing yourself to be more creative is one way of improving your blog because you cannot make improvements if there is no effort. Taking the challenge to be successful in your field is given to us through the opportunities that come our way and also from the opportunities that we see far ahead of us. Those opportunities can serve as the motivating factor towards improvement of our craft.

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I think that everybody wants to monetize their blogs. Perhaps not initially but later on, yes. Why wouldn't you if your blog can make you an actual profit? The hosting plans and domains can get a bit expensive over the years so it's good to be able to make some of what you've spent back.

For me personally, the best thing that worked so far has been the monetization through ads (AdSense) and affiliate links. It's important to note that until you have a steady flow of readers and unique visitors, you probably won't make too much.

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"It's important to note that until you have a steady flow of readers and unique visitors, you probably won't make too much."

This is something I wanted to point out along with your comment about how "everybody wants to monetize their blogs." Sure, we'd all love to start making money from our blogs right from the beginning, but sadly that isn't an option. It takes a whole lot of work before you can gain enough traffic to start making decent money from your blog. But, all good things require time, effort, and diligence. Once you do gain enough traffic it can be really good money to monetize through AdSense.

Are you sure you want to delete this post?


I haven't seen anyone earn from banner advertisements yet, all I've seen and read are people declaring that they didn't earn from banner advertising as well as affiliate links, that's why noone really believes in it anymore.

Are you sure you want to delete this post?


Yes, you have a very good point on saying that one of the best ways to monetize one's blog is by posting affiliate links on the blog. This way, you get to have the opportunity of people using your affiliate marketing link to purchase products online and you get paid your affiliate marketing commission on the products sales. Banner advertisements are good as well but it doesn't pay well but selling ebooks on your blog is one major avenue to monetize one's blog, most people currently prefer to read ebooks instead of hard printed copies.

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I feel that email marketing get so much bad rep from all the sites that have been spamming our emails for years, which is why some companies fail to incorporate this into their strategy. Truth is, a great site will know how to properly make use of emails and what are the important content to place in each email, how to personalize it per customer, and how often to send the promotional content in order to gain the most amount of revenue.

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Email marketing has some of the highest ROI compared to any other marketing techniques out there. This only applies to naturally grown lists and not ones that were purchased. You can't just scrape together 1,000,000 emails and expect to have a good ROI lol.

In fact, the people scraping emails and blasting out spam to them is why email marketing gets such a bad reputation. If you actually do it the right way, you can build a steady stream of income for a long time 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits

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The people scraping emails and blasting out spam to them are seriously the reason why email marketing is taking a huge downfall in the market today. They might think they are trying to work more but in the right essence they are killing the marketing tool. They are making people lose interest in email marketing and as such disregard anything they see through the medium.

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All of these tips are great but the only one I use is posting affiliate links. I use it on my blog and my social media accounts. I'm not that advanced in my online entrepreneurial endeavors like you are. 7 strategies to monetize your blog for increased profits One thing for sure though, I know where to get good advice. When I sign in to this site, I always check to see what you've written about.

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Thanks for the all nice tips and tricks. I am trying to sell digital products on my blog as an online store. I have been trying to publish the amazon related products and I have been using the amazon plug in or widget and I have been using the 100% SEO keyword based amazon product description but also I am not getting huge sell.


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Blogging is a great way to make money online, but it takes a lot of time and effort. But it all pays off, so it's worth it.
I think that many people want to start blogging and start making money as soon as possible, and they don't understand that content is the key to succeed as a blogger. It is not enough to use all of these strategies if you can't generate any traffic. And you generate traffic when you start making some good quality content.
So the very first thing to do is make sure your content is worth something, and that people would want to spend some time reading what you have to say. When you establish that, then you can start thinking about monetization.
I personally think that ads are the easiest way to monetize a blog, and affiliate marketing is great if you don't have your own product.
All other strategies you mentioned are equally helpful.

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It’s nice to provide coaching and consulting services. However, it takes an expert to be able to do that. With me, I admit that I am an amateur in this field and I really don’t know what kind of consulting that I can provide for now. Maybe in the future, I can be an SEO specialist and provide free assistance to some website owners who have no budget to spend for the SEO work.

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Blogs may not be blogs without traffic and the money aspect. Learning to do these two tasks will automatically make you a good blogger. Good efforts should put you in the limelight of great traffic. Search Engines look for and find you.

Blogging can be most interesting if one knows how to monetize the blogs. Your article comes in handy here.

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Many bloggers fail to make much money from their blogs because ads are all they expect to make them money. Considering the fact that many people block ads nowadays, one MUST in addition to displaying ads on their site, use other strategies to monetize their websites.

For example, if you write a review about a product then if the person reading that review feels that the product being reviewed will solve their problems then they'll click on affiliate link if one is provided. But if all you have on your site are ads and that person has ad blocker turned on, you won't make any money off of them.

Another way to monetize blogs is to accept guest posts which are paid for by someone who is promoting their products or services on your site.

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