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3 reasons more backlinks won't produce higher rankings

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3 reasons more backlinks won't produce higher rankings

Backlinking isn't something you can just do overnight and get top rankings, which pushes newer SEOs to build massive amounts of backlinks because they think it will work even better in a quicker amount of time, which isn't the case.  Building backlinks is a strategic thing, not a numbers thing, because you'll have to plan out every little step in order to boost your rankings the right way.  If you can't take the time to find places to build your backlinks, and then build up your authority within those websites you're posting to, you won't outrank your competitors very often.

When you start up a website, you might not think that backlinks will boost you as much as they can, so you might think "Hey, if one backlink works this well, I might as well build 100,000!".  Now, if a website has 100,000 backlinks, it doesn't mean they are doing things wrong, it could just mean they've been doing things perfectly for a very long time.  You'll need to take that into consideration when building backlinks, because nothing comes quick, and you'll have to take your own time when trying to be as successful as the legitimate 100k backlinked website 3 reasons more backlinks won

In this discussion I'll be going over 3 reasons more backlinks won't produce higher rankings, and they are:

You could be building low quality backlinks
Building a massive amount of backlinks will usually mean you're just creating backlinks that aren't even close to high quality.  In fact, the majority of these links will likely be low quality because of how easy you can acquire them.  If you use software to build a bunch of backlinks, you'll likely notice a massive amount of low quality backlinks being created, and that's never a good thing.

You might get a penalty if you're building too fast
Building backlinks is an easy thing to do, but easy can get you into trouble because that doesn't always mean it's a good thing to do.  If you're building backlinks wherever you can, on any type of website or forum, you'll likely hurt your own rankings or just waste your own time building irrelevant backlinks and aiming them at your homepage or sub pages.

If you were to build backlinks too fast for a brand new website, you could go under a manual review by Google or the other search engines, and that means you could be handed a penalty and now you have to back track all of your work to fix it.  Penalties are actually pretty difficult to get if you're doing everything right, but they're handed out frequently if you're caught blatantly trying to boost your rankings through illegitimate means. 

You're not going to analyze your links as good as you should
If you're focusing on building a massive amount of links in the shortest amount of time, you likely won't analyze everything that you're doing, which is not a good thing at all.  If you want to be successful with your backlink building and SEO, you will need to figure out the best websites to post on, and that takes some time.  You'll need to evaluate every link you're wanting to make, and be sure it's safe to place it for your own website.  So, get to work evaluating your backlink placement candidates and filter out all the ones that have a low DA or ones that aren't relevant to your industry.  If you can do this, you'll be better off and you'll actually save a lot of time each week 3 reasons more backlinks won

In conclusion
Backlinks are definitely easy to build, but that doesn't mean every link you place will be worth it, because you could actually be hurting your rankings with bad link placements.  You'll want to place links on websites that are related to your niche and industry, have the right anchors or plain links, linked to the right sub pages for relevancy, and be sure you have a mixture of nofollow and dofollow.  If you can do all of this, you'll eliminate a lot of bad placements and save time while boosting your rankings 3 reasons more backlinks won

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Low quality back link will not give you any result. Back link or do follow hyperlink quality always should be high. From the start of my SEO life- I shall follow a rules. I collect the website keyword first where I need to back link. Than make a small description with those keywords. Than make those keywords hyperlink with website address by do follow method. I have checked huge time. It works.


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Let me ask this question about the so called low quality backlink. You said that low quality backlink will not give you any result. For example I had posted the link of my site on a site that gets only 10 visitors in a month. If those 10 visitors would click on my backlink then that is traffic for me, right? Second question is why some people say that a low quality backlink can harm your site. What is the logic behind that statement?

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I have always known that anything rushed isn't done well on the long run. So therefore, the same thing is applicable with trying to have more backlinks by rushing it's creation. This will definitely leave some loophole in the work, thereby making it almost a wasted effort because the backlink would be of serious low quality.

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I can not stress this enough, quality over quantity whenever it comes to backlinking. A lot of people seem to STILL buy thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) backlinks with the hopes of their site being ranked in the top positions. However, this is never really the case and can actually do more harm than good. A few good quality backlinks is way better than thousands of low quality bad backlinks. Having many backlinks that are low of quality will tarnish your rankings, and I can actually attest to this because of experience I have had with buying thousands of backlinks. Essentially, the backlinks were nothing but spam, and on some very questionable websites. This tarnished my rankings and it took me over about 6 months to remove the negative effects, and some effects are still lingering. So with all this being said, take my word for it, and do not buy thousands of backlinks. Quality over quantity - always!

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This reminds me that it's better to let something or someone grow naturally. As I always told a story to my kids, if you pull a sprout, it might not grow faster, but it might die very soon. After reading a few SEO advice from you, I learned that this concept can be applied to building a website too. I am still not familiar with backlink building, but I will study more about it slowly and build it in my blog naturally too. Thanks for all the good advice.

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When you are building backlinks in quantity, it is very likely that you are building low quality backlinks. Low-quality backlinks harm more than not having any backlinks. Secondly, when you focus on quantity, you are also building backlinks from unrelated websites, for instance you might generating backlinks on your gaming website from the website about forex.

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These days I think of the backlink as nothing but the links which are meant to bring some traffic. And nothing more than that. So I make sure to place the links in places where people read the stuff. It may not always be a good idea. But it seems like a good place to start up with. I personally try to get more people to link. And that seems to be something that has helped me these days.

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Does this mean to say that backlinks produced by software is not that beneficial? In that case then it is better if you will create backlinks manually. And I guess the kind of website where you place your backlinks is very important because it should be relevant to your website. Maybe that’s the idea of low quality backlinks when you place it on a site that has no relation whatsoever to your side. Again, we would be going back to the manual way of posting backlinks.

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I guess taking the time to produce high quality backlinks is the way to go. Many people use these backlinks when they want to produce the sort of links that are good for their site. Rather than using cheap generic links, it seems necessary to create the kind of links that will produce results.

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While building Back links can always boost the ranks of sites, trying to do it more often while starting out is not the best way to go about things. I always encourage people that want to build as less as they can since this is one way that you are going to monitor them to ensure that they are working pretty okay.

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