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You don't need a Growth Hacker to be successful, just do it yourself!

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You don't need a Growth Hacker to be successful, just do it yourself!

When I see the term "Growth Hacker" online or on one of my favorite shows called Shark Tank, it really annoys me.  I get really annoyed because it's just a new way to say "Specific platform SEO specialist" and it's not even difficult to do when you think about it lol.  Do you know how to set up a targeted PPC campaign and optimize titles, descriptions, and keywords?  You're a Growth Hacker!  lol

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things about growth hackers and why you don't really need them, and those points are:

Growth hackers are just optimization specialists
I was recently watching Shark Tank and heard someone ask for $300,000 which was going to be used to optimize their website as well as bring on a growth hacker to get their listings higher in the rankings on Amazon lol You don  Whoever they're paying to do this is laughing all the way to the bank because they're doing basic SEO on titles, descriptions, tags, and running some strategic PPC campaigns to get sales and traffic to their listings in order to get boosted upwards in the listings on that specific platform.

There's not actual hacking involved
Using the word "hacking" really annoys me because there's no hacking involved.  These people aren't using scripts and their intricate coding and scripting knowledge in order to break in and boost your rankings, they're just using simple tricks you don't want to lean and charging you a premium for it haha.

Learn basic SEO and you'll be just fine
You can be a Growth Hacker for my low low price of $58.95 today!  I'm kidding, but I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would likely sell a course like that.  I wonder if you were to purchase it and then open the book or read the first page of the ebook, and all it said was "Go learn SEO" haha.

If you can read this discussion, you can be a growth hacker, because the majority of it revolves around on page optimization and how you can convince people to purchase your product without actually pitching to them.  Sure, that sounds like it could be difficult, but it's not.

Browse through a few marketing and SEO forums to learn the ropes, then buy some SEO ebooks, and you should know enough to get by and become the best damn growth hacker out there.  If you can't learn these little things, you probably shouldn't even try to work online.

Set up a targeted PPC campaign and you'll draw customers
The only thing that costs a little bit of money is the PPC campaign you'll need to set up in order to bring in your initial clients through the specific platform you're targeting.  You'll need to set up a facebook and adwords campaign that targets the listing of your product, or your clients, in order to get a few sales rolling in.  You may break even when running your campaign, but your rankings on that platform should get boosted because most selling platforms have an algorithm that favors items that are selling better to their visitors, and that's the little trade secret everyone tries to keep secret (it's not a secret lol).

In conclusion
Growth hackers are just SEO specialists that likely couldn't make it in the SEO industry and are now targeting product developers who don't know what they're doing, or they are successful and know they can charge thousands for a little bit of work in the growth hacking area lol You don  You don't need a growth hacker, just learn basic SEO and run some strategic PPC campaigns in order to get your item listed on the first page of the results no matter the platform you're targeting You don

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