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The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

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The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

When you're running a business or website you'll always need to focus on marketing if you want to be successful, but there are some sins you need to avoid, 7 of them to be exact.  Some of these marketing No-Nos are going to seem pretty obvious to a marketing mastermind, but for the majority of people out there, this will be an informative discussion that helps them with their day to day routines.

If you're doing any of these 7 marketing sins, you need to stop right away and reconfigure your plan of attack before you damage your business or simply set yourself back so far that it seems like you're starting over from day 1.

Now then, let's get into it, shall we?

Not getting personal with each customer
If you're sending out emails to customers with the first line of the email saying "Thank you for ordering from us, dedicated customer!" the person receiving this email will automatically feel distant from you because you didn't even use their actual name.  Sending out a customized newsletter or personalized email to a customer isn't that difficult nowadays.  Most email systems have a point and click feature that allows you to easily input whatever information you want, and the person's name should always be the first thing you input into the email!

Ignoring the 80/20 rule
The Pareto Principle is where 80% of the effect comes from just 20% of the causes.  This means that only 20% of the work you're doing today will actually bring in money, but that doesn't' mean you should stop working now or cut your day short because the rest of your time invested is worthless.  We don't actually know what parts of our day are going to be the most profitable, so cutting your day short won't actually help you out, because you don't know if you're cutting off that 20% lol.

Instead, focus 80% of your time on your day to day operations and 20% of your time on your promotions.  This way you're focusing on your business for the majority of the day and only checking your promotions for 20% of the time, which is probably more time than is needed if you want to be successful.

Not focusing on retention marketing
Retention marketing is a type of advertising and optimization that keeps people coming back.  Think of evergreen articles/content, that's a part of retention marketing because it never gets stale.  If you can keep people coming back for their 2nd, 3rd, or even their 100th visit then you're doing a great job in the retention marketing department The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

This isn't the easiest thing to do, but if you're collecting emails and sending out newsletters, it gets easier each day you're live.

Not planning out your content marketing strategy
If you're just going to write whatever is on your mind and publish wherever you can, you're not exactly planning out your content marketing strategy, you're just playing it by ear and posting wherever you can.

If you were to plan out your content marketing strategy, you would know you need a 2,500 word optimized post with 1 link aimed at a subpage of your website if you want to get published on Entrepreneur, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, and many more websites like those.  You'll then do what you need to in order to get noticed by the editors and after that, you'll get your posts accepted quicker than if you were just submitting content as a guest.

Focus on your marketing strategy and it can pay you back 10 fold.  Think about it, one article on Entrepreneur or Forbes can bring in countless sales, much more than an article posted on your website, and you'll now be able to say you were "Seen On" these websites after you were published lol The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

Avoiding new traffic streams with potential
There are new platforms popping up all over the place, but you don't think it's credible enough for you to target because they're only getting 100,00 views a month.  If you treat everything like it's a great platform, you'll be able to figure out which ones have potential and can actually send you credible traffic that turns into a sale. 

Think about it, if you were to get in early on a platform, you would know all of the inner workings and be able to take advantage of them before anyone else.  You could literally be making thousands each day from new platforms before your competition knew about it, and by the time they did find out, it would be too late because you're already the authority on that platform for your product or service The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

Using your email to send out promotions
One of the worst things you can do is send out a promotion to people who signed up for your lists.  Sure, you can disclaim you're going to send out promotions and coupons, but how many times have you actually liked those emails showing up in your own inbox?  It's not likely you love them, but you probably like the emails linking to some amazing free content that helps you out, right?  So be sure to send out newsletters that simply link to a subpage with free content that helps everyone out, and you might have a promotion on your website when they land on it, but it's up to them if they want to take action on it.

Not taking your time on a newsletter
One of the most annoying things I see when it comes to the 7 deadly marketing sins is when someone doesn't take time on their newsletters.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an email consisting of a newsletter that was written in 10 seconds simply to get more traffic to their website. 

Instead, you'll need to take your time on each newsletter and be sure it's informative and helps open the mind of your reader.  If you can do that you'll see people clicking through to see what your new service or product is all about, even if you're not writing about it lol.

In conclusion
Doing just one of the above sins is a very bad thing, if you're doing multiple then you're in for a bad time in the marketing department, so be sure to fix your problems today before you lose any more sales and customers.  Just be honest and genuine when it comes to your marketing and people will begin to gravitate towards you The 7 deadly sins of marketing to be avoided if you want to be successful

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