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Which social media can you not live without and what new social media are you trying out?

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Which social media can you not live without and what new social media are you trying out?

For a very long time I was skeptical of the actual impact of Social Media on SEO. When Social Media first took off it was a very turbulent time online. All of a sudden submitting to directories became free when you usually had to pay to get into the best directories. Yahoo, for one, was very expensive and DMOZ was run mafia-style and if you didn't know the editor assigned to your section in DMOZ you were usually never certain if your submission would ever get approved.

Fast-forward back to Social Media, I have personally witcnessed what happens when you dump a majority of or entire presence from these sites:

1. Facebook
2. G+
3. LinkedIn

What do I know and how do I know it? Well, because I actually dumped an entire web presence from all three at once and it's a very fast way for a website to go from page #1 to page #5 in 2 or 4 weeks time. Don't try that at home or anywhere else.

Beyond the current Social Media available what oher up-and-coming  Social Media out there looks promising? Maybe something new in mobile marketing?


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Instagram really hot right now and there's definitely much exposure and traffic to get there, but that's not where we have focused.

I use automation tools to manage and grow our Twitter and Pinterest pages. Social media is incredibly important as it provides free links to your sites for SEO and helps with branding as well.

Even if you can get the #1 spot on google, it's better to have #1 and the following results as well. Typically when you google my client's brands you will get the website as well as several social media profiles. This helps to ensure you never miss a customer.

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I personally love using Facebook. It is the best place to promote products, blogs and services. My revenue increase a lot after I use Facebook. I don't think I'm gonna leave Facebook anytime soon. The best marketing strategy I've used.

A few tips though when promoting on Facebook.

  • Before you promote anything on Facebook, You need to build your audience first. Focus on building a quality audience. Then all the activity from your quality audience will then serve to promote your page.
  • Update regularly. Never let your account become a ghost.
  • Then engage with your followers. Answer their questions or simply reply to their comment or message.
  • But remember only post at the right time. This means that only post at when your followers are mostly online.

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Facebook is on the top but Instagram follows it very tightly. I promote essay writer on Facebook and that brings most of my traffic. I also know that for handmade products the best social media source is Pinterest.

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