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SEO Has Changed In 2019 (You Can Profit or Die Off)

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SEO Has Changed In 2019 (You Can Profit or Die Off)

Sorry if we are ruining your day telling you this, but SEO is a completely different thing in 2019 than what you used to know. All those services offering thousands of backlinks and accounts on forums, botted traffic and anything similar that you think you can cheat Search Engines with, will actually cause you more harm than good.

This method will help your SEO Campaings to work in 2019 while staying UNDER THE RADAR!

Ranking factors in 2019:

Video Marketing and Ranking Using Videos
Creating videos related to your website and content with your link and keywords in description after uploading on Video Networks helps with ranking. By uploading your videos on the top video sharing sites you are also pulling traffic for life. This will bring organic visitors from video sharing websites for life and also each video you have will have it's own ranking and it will be indexed by Search Engines. 

Social Signals
Having more Social Signals means growth for your Search Engine Rankings and Traffic.
The importance of Social Media accounts in relation to online exposure cannot be argued. Building high quality accounts and pages on high authority social networks will help you reach your potential.

High Authority Backlinks
Forget about low quality backlinks on forums, blogs, .ru .tk and other low quality websites. This will disavow your website.
Build only high quality backlinks, on websites with high Domain Authority and Page Authority with unique content.

WEB 2.0 Blogs are STILL USEFUL
Having Web 2.0 on the free blogging platforms is still useful. Most WEB 2.0 properties will rank your unique content, images and videos that you post on them, plus you get a ton of other goodies, such as traffic and SERP increase.
The good thing with WEB 2.0 blogs is that you can use them with ALL TYPES, even LOW QUALITY BACKLINKS.
For example if you buy cheap backlinks that you are not sure if you can use for your money site, can result in loosing your money site. WEB 2.0 blogs are immune to this and you can even rank them by experimenting with all types of backlinks - only the good ones will affect them.

Build only high quality links, on websites you can trust. If you already decided to use a SEO provider, make sure to check their reputation and ensure their links are safe. Everything you invested in your money site, can be lost by choosing the wrong provider. Disavow links before they are indexed on time if they seem suspicious. 

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Other than youtube, where else can I post my videos to boost sales. Please suggest.

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Yes, I agree backlinks with low DA and low-quality websites will not work out in the coming days,

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