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What should the minimum charge of building a basic website?

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What should the minimum charge of building a basic website?

Now a days there are a lots of service providers in the world, there is no proper estimation what should anyone charge. Please share your suggestion.What should the minimum charge of building a basic website?


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Hello. Hope all is well. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all, when it comes to building and designing a site. There are so many variables.

I guess the short answer to that question is: What's your clients budget

For just the actual design of a site (if client has hosting and domain already), you can focus on a per page option. Like for example, your package could include up to four pages, basic logo and one month of site maintenance and revisions for one standard price. From there you can have add-ons like charging $200-$200 per extra web page and $200-$200 more per month for site maintenance and revisions, charging for SEO optimization, Premium Logo upgrade, etc.

The options are endless. I've seen clients offer some extremely low ball figures and freelancers take the gig because it's what's available and they are desperate.

I would focus on capturing leads by working the free consultation/free quote angle. Then work to understand each clients budget and be as flexible as possible with your prices/fees until you become established. Also, by finding out your customer's budget for a simple project, you may find that some clients may overestimate the value of a basic site which would be pure porfit for you.

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Is it possible to charge a buyer $6,000 for a website here on monsterbacklinks?
I see ridiculous amounts clients are willing to pay for a programming job and sellers still bid for as low as $6.
It is so annoying for me.

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Yes it should be.
Our all services prefer to work on hourly basis. But even after giving them such reasonable rate, they drag us to 95% discount. It is also too bad.

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One thing you need to remember is there are people out there looking for the lowest price possible and there are others who are willing to pay a premium because they want quality work.

I suggest charging for a package, not per page like mentioned above, because a flat rate is much better to pitch than "Hey, just pay me $100 per page and I'll bill you as we finish some work!".

You can charge a per page option later on, after you've submitted all the work from your package pricing, because then the people will get what they wanted and think "I still need 8 more pages" because they will forget about things that weren't talked about in the initial consultation.

Once you get them to sign a contract for your determined pricing, everything else they add on will be extra, and you need to tell them that up front because you don't work for free, right?

I've had plenty of $6,000+ web design clients and the majority of them always come back with "I also need this type of page added" and that's another $100 because it wasn't discussed and factored into my original quote. People will try to ask for it for free since they're already paying $X,XXX for the design, but I don't work for free and they know that. I wouldn't go to the dentist to get a crown and then say "Oh, since you're already working on my tooth, could you fill this cavity and clean all of my teeth at no extra charge?". The dentist will just laugh and bill me for everything because it's add on work that wasn't really discussed and agreed upon. People are more bold online so you need to stand your ground and be sure to tell them it will cost extra for additional work since it wasn't agreed upon.

In short, charge $1000+ for a design depending on what they need. Simple 1 page websites with the standard about us, contact, privacy, TOS, etc. aren't that difficult to do and that's why it's cheaper. Something that need programming, design, unicorns, and will take loads of time will be a minimum of $6,000 in my book.

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But most of the clients deny to pay that much amount of money. They ask to build a complete site in only 10$. How can we handle such clients?

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