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Mini Website - for clients

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Mini Website - for clients

Is there any Envato theme, Envato theme that will create mini websites mini websites for clients? I want my clients to log in, choose a template, create their own mini websites, is that possible?


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I think you're looking for something like multisite, right?

This will allow you to run various websites on one server and allow your clients to choose different themes.

Your clients might not be able to use their own domain name unless you have that option enabled, but they can still log in and choose a theme to their liking.

A lot of people like doing this in specific niches where they can get people to sign up for low-cost websites, like $14 a month for a premium design, and that's essentially what multisite does. just launched their hosting and has powered massive multisite with it. They currently run and have been doing it since 2005. They've had over 4,300,000 websites powered by their multisite setup and they would be the top contender in this field if it's something you're looking to do. I use their plugins, as well as their hosting, and think it's some of the best I've ever used since I started back in 2003. Their support is top-notch as well and will walk you through problems or just fix them if they're too technical lol.

If that isn't what you were looking for, I hope someone can help you Mini Website - for clients

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Are You Looking Envato Theme Like This??

Mini Website - for clients

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