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3 Reasons you don't need an email list when starting your business

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3 Reasons you don't need an email list when starting your business

Whenever a business decides to open its doors or set up a website, they tend to think that an email list is a means to millions of dollars in revenue.  Yes, it is a means to a lot of money coming into your business bank account, but you'll have to build it up over time and never spam away like each time you send an email you're going to make money.

An email list needs to be worked on, built up, nurtured, and various other things for it to work well with your company, which takes time, and that means you should focus on other things while your list builds up over the years.

You can build one over time
Like I mentioned above, you will need to focus on the long game when it comes to email list building, and that's because it will never be done in a few days or a few weeks.  There will always be people wanting to subscribe to your newsletters if you do this right, and that means your list will never end.  You could gain 1,000 people a day signing up or you could get one person a week, it all depends on your marketing and how well you convert your visitors into signups.

People hate spam from startups
If you're buying a list and think you're going to email everyone and get a thousand people an hour to your website, you're wrong.  Everyone hates spammy emails, and that means your startup will need to avoid them as well.  Never buy a list, no matter how good the seller says it is because at the end of the day, no one wants to hear from you unless they already signed up for your list naturally.

Email marketing takes time to do right
Over the years I've been building my lists, sending out newsletters, bringing people back to my websites, and I still know that I'm not finished with all of this until I die lol.  Your email marketing campaigns need to be slow rolled or drip-fed to your subscribers because when someone gets 25 emails a day from a company, they will almost always unsubscribe, and that means less money to go in your bank account potentially.

Instead, send out newsletters that don't pitch anything at all.  Send out a newsletter to everyone that simply thanks them for being subscribed and giving them a discount code to use on their next order through your website.  Treat your email subscribers the same as if they were giving you $20 whenever they came across your site lol.  If you can build up your trust with all the subscribers you build over the years, you will have a for sure source of revenue later on in life 3 Reasons you don

Final Thoughts,
When starting a business, you won't need an email list starting and that's because you'll likely spam them anyway.  You won't want to buy a list and send out emails, you don't want to flood your subscribers' inboxes, and you definitely don't want to hurt your credibility so early on in your company's history because you tried to pull in traffic via email marketing.  Take it slow, focus on other marketing tactics, and let your subscribers' list grow naturally over time, so it's a fantastic list to tap into when you send out a newsletter 3 Reasons you don

Thanks for reading 3 Reasons you don

- Tommy


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Thanks for this Tommy have to admit am finding this hard
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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Hey Steve,

Starting a business is never an easy task since no one knows who you are, doesn't know your business, isn't sure of your intentions, and you're too new to the market for anyone to switch from a website that they're comfortable with.

I launched a big marketplace for vendors selling physical products in a specific sports niche and couldn't get a sale coming in. I didn't have a trusted website yet, I didn't have review built up, and I was too new to the scene for people to jump ship from the regular websites they purchase from. It took me months of hard work and dedication to get my initial sales to start rolling in, but then they started to come in more and more each day, so I'm sure it will only get better.

I've never started a website and sent out 100s of thousands of emails to people that have never heard of me. I don't do this because I'm usually in specific niches where people want to hear about certain things and that's never what I'm selling lol 3 Reasons you don If you're in a more general niche, something that all men or women would like, then you could probably start off with an email list and blast out to them, but you don't really need it starting off.

Focus on making your website the best it possibly can be. Streamline your entire process before you start getting 100s of orders rolling in because if there's a flaw in your system it could crash everything as soon as you become more popular. After you've been focusing on your business, building up your sales, optimizing, etc. you will then notice your email list has been growing and your weekly newsletters are pulling them back in 3 Reasons you don

Take it slow, build over time, and you'll be glad you never purchased a list to blast out to lol 3 Reasons you don

- Tommy

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