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4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

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4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

Whenever you start a business or website, you may want to dive right into email marketing because it has a high ROI compared to most other marketing tactics.  Well, there will be a lot of hurdles for you to overcome since email marketing was one of the first things abused when the internet came to be.  There were people sending millions of emails every day to pull people in and get them to make a purchase.  Today you can't do this as well because of all the spam filters and companies out there fighting spammers so they can't get their advertisements into an inbox.

If you want to do this legitimately, there are ways for you to craft an email that will pull people in and get them to want to make a purchase, which is what I'll be going over in the next four steps 4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

Make sure your emails have a purpose before sending
Whenever you're sending out an email or newsletter, you need it to have a purpose.  You can't send out emails for the sole purpose of making money, because they will come off as spammy, and everyone who gets that in their inbox will either ignore it or click on the spam button. 

The more often people click on the spam button, the more your lists get hurt, and that's never a good thing if everyone is clicking that deadly button lol. 

Instead, write emails in a way that provides information to users and maybe throw a coupon code in there if you have an eCommerce website.  People love saving money, and they rarely click the spam button if you're giving them a discount lol.

Your subject line should share value with the recipient
You don't want your subject line to sound deceiving and seem to trick people into clicking on your email.  Instead, write what they email is about and use the main focus of it as your title.  You might get more clicks with an email title, "Get $2,000 today!" (if they all get inboxed) compared to an email with a title like "We can work together to build your sales." 

The second title will get fewer clicks, but those people clicking will be more dedicated to boosting their company to higher profits than the people looking for a quick paycheck and then clicking "Spam" on your email.

Reference something related to the business you're emailing
Do some research on the company or person you're about to email.  Let them know you've done some research on them and you know exactly why you're sending them an email.  If you can relate to them on a personal or professional level, then you're one step closer to turning them into a paying customer and possibly someone that will keep coming back and also refer their friends.

Always end with a question so they're more likely to respond
One of the best tricks you can use to get responses and click-throughs is to ask a question at the end of your email.  I like to map out how I can help a business using bullet points, then throw in an example of what I've done for another company, and then I'll put a question at the end of the email like "So, would you like to have the same results as my other clients?" and the responses I get tend to be from people more likely to sign up than if I didn't add the question at the end 4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

Final thoughts,
Crafting the perfect email to pull in customers and more sales is a tricky thing to do since it needs to be tweaked for every niche and industry out there.  Some people want facts while others want examples of previous work, but they all want to make more money, so that's what you need to focus on without actually saying it in the email and triggering spam filters lol 4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

Thanks for reading 4 steps to writing an email that will lead to more sales

- Tommy


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