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How to get first order at

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How to get first order at

I'm new here since 2 month's ago, I promoted my service link of social media several times and not having any order. 

is it possible for someone to guide me how to get first order at 


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same problem
same issue

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Hi naveedahmid,
Hope you are doing well to promote your service. Monster Backlinks is becoming best choice for seo service buyers, so it will help to grow you business. But it is difficult to make start here. Getting order by promoting outside of Monster Backlinks is too difficult. You need to optimize your profile and service inside Monster Backlinks for better result. I have seen your service, it is good but here on Monster Backlinks people looks for low price services. So, at least create such service that you can offer at cheap price. Since in you are in level 1, your profile trust level for buyers is very less, so you should have to give them more discount, may be 80% still getting some decent order.

Apply seo jobs with a cheap bid and don't copy paste bid template description. On my own experience, I have started by offering my service for those who posted jobs. I got 50% approval which is not small thing since here is more competation but if you can solve the issue and express your service correctly buyers must buy your service.

All the best!

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Hello sahupurna,

Thank you for considering my question with pro tips. I will revise the prices of my services with 50 to 70% off.

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Hey there,

I've written a discussion that should help you get a few more sales, you can read it here:

What's not mentioned within that discussion is interlinking your services and using the right formatting within your service descriptions.

Interlinking Your Services
What you'll want to do at the bottom of each of your descriptions is to list a few of your other services in a "My Other Services" section of your description. All you have to do is add that title, link to a few of your top-selling services, and say how much they cost so people know what they're clicking through to and how much it will cost them. This will basically share traffic between your services and you can capture a few more sales over time because of it. Think of it as an upsell like an eCommerce website would use to generate additional revenue How to get first order at

Using the right Formatting
A lot of people forget to use formatting in their service descriptions and this one little thing will make it harder to sell to strangers. Think about it, would you want to purchase from a service provider that has a wall of text explaining what they are selling? NOPE! You want to see someone who took their time crafting the service description, someone who is dedicated to their work, and someone you think you can trust after you send them the payment. Formatting can go a long way, so be sure your services are done just right, and you will notice a few more sales coming in because of this little trick.

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