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Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

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Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

Everyone has a great business idea that they would like to do online but not all of us have the programming and design skills to do this.  Instead, we should be focusing on something called white-labeling and that means we can use a 3rd party system, similar to what we want to do ourselves and label it as our own while they do the work in the background.

There are a lot of SEO, Web Design, PPC Management, and Social Media Management Whitelabel services out there that anyone can sign up for and run as their own but that's not all.  You can literally look for any type of service out there, find someone willing to white label it, and run the business as an individual while having a team of people behind the scenes doing the work in your name.

You may not have the funds to do all the custom coding you want at the beginning, which is why white-labeling is the route you might want to take, and that's because it's much cheaper to start and you can switch later on when you have your own stuff coded Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

Coding and Programming can be expensive
Think about it, you can sign up for a white-label SEO service and pay $200 a month or you can pay a programmer $60 an hour to custom code everything from scratch and spend thousands before you ever get to a Beta stage for testing.

Programmers aren't cheap because their skills are highly sought after.  This means you will usually pay a premium for their skills, invest more money than needed in the beginning, and you might not have a finished product for 6+ months depending on how complicated the work is that you want to be done.

White-labeling allows you to pay a fraction of the price
Like I mentioned above, you can pay a fraction of what you would normally pay if you brought on a programmer and designer.  You can pay a 3rd party service a monthly fee and run everything under your own name.  Instead of investing $2,000s within your first month you can spend $200 and have a professional system ready to go with a team of people waiting in the background for orders.

Think of it this way, if you did all this on your own and found the freelancers to handle the work, you'd go through years of work before you found the perfect setup and quality freelancers to do the work.  With a white-label service there is no trial and error, there's just you implementing the code into your own website if there's a dashboard, and then you run everything on your own while they take care of the work.  All you will have to do is pay for the domain, hosting, and keep the clients happy by chatting with them as their questions come in lol.

Get your project designed and coded over time
White-labeling is great, but you don't own the backend of your workforce, and that means you should always invest in your own scripts and set up for future expansion.  Sure, you could stay with the white label service and think of them as your employees, but a lot of people would rather own the entire process and work as the CEO and not a white-label client who doesn't control everything.

You can hire a programmer to work on your own systems over time and tell them there is no deadline for this job.  You can hire them for a week now, hire them for a week next month, and take a month off if you want because it's up to you and how much you want to invest in this new creation of yours.  You can use the white-label system now and get your own setup coded over time.  When you're ready to switch you simply push your customers to the new platform and ask them to re-login to see everything.  You may lose some people in the migration and have to refund others, but at least you'll own everything now Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

White-labeled services save countless hours and headaches
One of the best things I've come to find out about white-label services is that I don't have as many headaches and I'm not working super long hours on a website or a service.  All I do is generate the targeted traffic, monitor the tickets and live chats, then wait for one of them to sign up and the services I'm praying for each month take over on the back end and say they're part of my team Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

I can run a full-service company and not build a single backlink, post a single message on facebook, set up a single ad for a client, or anything else related to the services that could be purchased on my site Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

Final Thoughts,
A Whitelabel service is something that needs to be worked on over time since there are a lot of moving parts that could conflict with the others.  You need to talk with anyone offering services like this and make sure they're on top of things before you start working with them.  One of the worst things to do is start paying a 3rd party Whitelabel service and come to realize they're not active or provide bad services to YOUR customers.  Remember, the customer doesn't know of the company in the background doing the work, they only know of you and what "you" are doing to their website, social media profiles, ad accounts, etc.  Be sure you're teaming up with the right companies and provide your customers with the best possible services while you collect the payments and get your team working Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

Thanks for reading Start with Whitelabeling then move to something more custom

- Tommy


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