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Finding YOUR niche is easier than you could imagine

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Finding YOUR niche is easier than you could imagine

Everyone today is so worried about high paying niches that they forget to select a niche they're truly interested in.  I won't lie, I've done the same thing plenty of times, but I do catch myself every once in a while and push myself to set up a website that I would want to run.  I don't do it for profits, I don't do it for fame, and I don't do it to get loads of traffic to my site.  I will try to do all of those things, but I won't get upset if I fail because this type of website is for me, and I don't care who goes on it lol.

When searching for YOUR niche, you need to factor in what you like to do.  We all like making money, so don't factor that in as one of your key points, but you will likely want to think of that later on, so we'll point that out as well lol.

What do you love to do?
When I'm searching for a ME niche and looking to launch a website, I will think of what I want the website to do, and then I'll figure out a way I can incorporate that into what I love.  When I was little, I played baseball and continued through college.  I know the sport inside and out, more than most people do, and I still follow teams to this day and see who they pick up as rookies.  If you didn't figure it out yet, one of my niches is "baseball," and that might not be what you're interested in, so keep digging through your history and choose something dear to you. 

If you can't think of something off the top of your head, pick a topic that intrigues you, and that's usually something you can dive into.  You don't need to be a master of the niche, know everything there is to know and be an encyclopedia about it.  All you need is the passion to learn about the niche and want to keep going with it even if you're not making money.  You're building something you can look back on and think, "This site is awesome!".

What guilty pleasures do you have?
Everyone has a guilty pleasure unless you're a saint, so let's talk about that!  Most people's guilty pleasures are sweets or something bad for their health.  I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I do love a good cookie or brownie, and that's something I can expand on since I can invest myself in the website and enjoy my time doing it.

There are loads of guilty pleasures out there from simply putting off a task until tomorrow to drinking an entire jar of pickle juice.  Some are odd, some are gross, and some are obscure and that's what makes them guilty pleasures lol.

Figure out a guilty pleasure that you do often and you might have a favorite website in the near future lol.  You can write about all the times you've put off a task, put peanuts and cheese on your sandwich, ordered food because you didn't want to cook, or anything else you can think of that could fill a website.

What do you think would be a fun website to run?
Whenever I'm thinking of a ME niche and I'm looking to build a website around it, I will always think of how I can bring in visitors and build a community of people just like me.  Whenever I get around someone that knows a lot about websites, SEO, SMM, baseball, etc. We will talk for what seems like hours and that's what I try to build with these types of websites. 

I want the people similar to me to have the best time on my website, so they come back, and that means I need to build the site in a way that I would want to use it.  I will make it easy to navigate, easy to converse, and also have some sort of social interaction within the site like upvoting or sharing with others if it fits into the niche well.

Final Thoughts,
A lot of people have thought of websites like this and struck it rich because they built a massive community around obscure ideas and people gravitate towards it.  I build small websites like this because I love them and want to log into them every day to see if there are any new registrations, shares, uploads, etc. and that's what gets me excited.  I like to see people using the website I built for myself and get joy out of it.  I don't worry about the profits coming in, how big my email lists are, or what I can sell for in the long run because none of those are my goals.  I set up a website I want for myself, I build it in a way I want to use it, and sometimes people gravitate towards it Finding YOUR niche is easier than you could imagine

Thanks for reading Finding YOUR niche is easier than you could imagine

Tommy Carey


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