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Can anyone help me with this Google SEO?

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Can anyone help me with this Google SEO?

Hi Everyone!
I am new here. I heard many amazing stories about Monster Backlinks and I was wondering if anyone can help me in this situation!
I just launched my online drop shipping store. I have great contents and prices.
But Marketing is the hardest for me. i have no Idea how to get people to come check out my online store. I made some social media and been posting pictures and some contents. But I barely get any customers.
And I noticed something today. What if my website pops up on google when people search for certain items that I have in my website? All the other similar websites are popping up before mine right now.
Can anyone help me getting my website to be one the first page if anyone search related products that I have on my website ?

Thank you very much !


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Hello, im sure that i can do something to help you out with your problem, just text me and i will respond you ASAP

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Can I please help you out? I am doing exactly the same thing with dropshipping and I already have a website too.

Please PM me so we can chat and do it ASAP

All the best,


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Hello Friend,
I will help you at this situation. Via Contact me in inbox.


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Which one did you want to know most?


****Choose only one*****
Google and SEO are equally important and part of the organic search for branding and seen.
Google doesn't depend on SEO but SEO depends on and acts upon Google.

Traffic service is a very unique qualification.
Traffic means money and fame, SEO means stick to it until you get then again do the same SEO with Traffic & backlinks.

Backlinks act upon maintaining good and moral, even healthy relationships with other webmasters and website owners with related niche articles and pleased them with your personality and give your nice attention to your website.

IF you understand my words then you probably understand the truth behind every part, otherwise, you will never or even unable to understand; what I have typed above.

Never ever go by SEO. SEO is for them those who want to sit back and relax.
Hard workers apply special dots in front of SEO to attract visitors and probably the Traffic service., Whereas Traffic is an independent and a slide.
What will you do with your SEO, when you have don't have organic traffic???? - Just calculate it and divide it in equal proportion.


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Thanks for sharing, very informative, will use it on my website , keep on educating us. best wishes

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You have a few choices right now.
1. Hire an outside online marketing company
2. Do the online marketing yourself.
3. Buy FB, adwords ads.

The first and the 3rd option will cost you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every month. The 2nd option is free but will take you years to learn. You need to make a choice my friend.

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