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What do you think about my idea?

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What do you think about my idea?

I have noticed that their are a lot of duplicate questions in Monster Backlinks faq section, So I thought why not have a new duplicate feature. What I think would reduce duplicate questions is to have a duplicate voting feature were the Monster Backlinks community can vote to remove the duplicate content. How it would work is once the votes reaches x amount of votes the question would then be removed, Stackoverflow have a feature like this and it works very well.

Do you think this would prevent spam and duplicate questions?
Would you use this if it was a feature?
What are your thought's on the idea?

Best regards Jake


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I like the idea. I've spent the last 20 minutes going through the FAQ removing duplicate content, terrible answers and questions and copy/pasted answers/question from other sites. Any suggestions like this only help reduce admin work. 

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Yeah man that sounds like it would help out a lot!

You should talk to Everett about this.

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Hmmm, First I dont think that lot of people have problem with duplicate answers, but its hard to make a software that notice a duplicate answer, because if the answer has atleast one word change then its not duplicate in point of a software view. !

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