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How to can seo domain ?

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How to can seo domain ?

hello all. it is my current problem. i have tested a new method of making money, this is method the domain parking. it will be great for you to make money from parking. the domain you wish to use. you can use to generate revenue. but i do not know how to seo it. to be able to generate more money . because domain we do not have any page. it's just a page of suppliers. and we can not add to its keyword


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Most of Parking Companies will setup everything themselves.
You have to setup the IP and there are some Auto System which will work on Backend to setup rest of things AutoPilot.

That's way Parking Domain is also called Autopilot Earning Trick.

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SEO domain is same as SEO for a website, all things you need to do is quality backlinks and content.
because content is King and link is Qeen.

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You don't have any options for this. The ads displayed on your parked domain will be related to your domain name. The traffic you get to your parked domain depends on the demand for your domain name. Let me exemplify, you have domain and someone tries to register this domain. The registrar notifies that the domain is available for sale. The person trying to register this domain will check your domain. There arw ads on the parked domain and he finds one of the ads interesting and clicks the link. You make money.

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