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  • Need someone to make an background/image mobile friendly for my site.
I simply just need someone to help me make my website mobile-friendly. Currently the only thing making it non-friendly is the image that is
used as the website doesn't scale for phones. I've tried to use google
to fix it, and I guess I keep messing it up. I just need help getting it
to be mobile-friendly (only thing making it non-friendly is the image)

the site is in mainly html


Help me fix the code or implement the code to make my website mobile friendly (it is just a image as the background)
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Html Css Programming Website


$ lvl.
I will help you to make a ... ile friendly for my site.
Hi sir, websites usually have different layouts and navigation systems for mobile, desktop or tablet display. i can help you with this task and write a new css/javascript code that will make your website super mobile friendly.
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$5 2 order now!
i will do mobile friendly for your site.
I want to do the work.please give me opportunity.thank you
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$5 2 order now!


  • CreativePunkh

    I can do it for u for free.
    only image responsive solution for ur website.

    1 year ago
  • jaskiran66

    Hope you are doing great,

    I can easily do which you are looking for. I have done multiple jobs like this. I am able to start. Please provide me the time when you are able.

    1 year ago