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  • like4like 5x10k points
I need to buy 5 accounts with min. 10k points on each account.
immediate delivery.

bid here, i will choose cheapest offer.

Accounts must be ready for immediate delivery, i need it right now.

So, please, bid here.

Do not bid with bot, script, etc. im not interesting.

thank you very much


like4like accounts

Skills Required

Social Affiliatemarke


$ lvl.
need point comment plz

4000 point =2$
9000 point =4$
25000 point =11$
60000point =20$
100000 point=35$
u need how much point tell me .i give you user name password.
fb-like+ -share+profile followeres+othere
you can use this point so hury up reply i'm wait your ans very cheap p

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$5 1 order now!


  • jackie78

    how much u will chatge for 12-13k? thanks for bidding here. i need many accounts. waiting your answer

    5 years ago
  • jackie78

    ooops. u selling likes planet, i need like4like only..,.

    5 years ago