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  • I need Backlinks on Finnish Website or Blog (Suomalainen content)
Hello ?
I'm looking to buy backlinks on finnish written websites that are written in Suomalainen. I will give you up to 150 word incl. the backlink with anchor text. I will write the text incl. the link so that it will fit into your websites content.

If you have a finnish written blog or website, please provide me with the URL and the Price for a unlimited backlink. The website is SEO based and you can look at it at: SERP CTR Tehostin - It is not necessary that your site or blog is SEO based. But the price should not be to high, if your website or blog has a compleet different branche.


If you have a finnish website (content written in finnish) please come with your offer for a backlink surrounded with up to 150 words, written by me. I'm NOT interested in offers in other language than Suomalainen !

I will ignore all offers, that don't have a link to the site, were i can place my backlink !

If you don't want to post your URLs here, just send me a list of URLs to my inbox.

Skills Required

Suomalainen Finnish Link Article Writing Banner


$ lvl.
I will offer you Backlink ... log (Suomalainen content)
I have many years experience in onpage and offpage seo. so you can hire me now,
more details please pm me now..

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$4 1 order now!
Oder me.. it is very essy fir me
i am very interest to work your job.

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$5 1 order now!


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