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Affiliate manager to gain customers

Affiliate manager to gain customers

Hello i am looking for an experienced Salesperson,

Hi we are looking for a hard working, dedicated and experienced salesman or saleswoman to join or team within the affiliate management of our VPN affiliate program.

You will be searching in any ways possible for new webmasters, internet marketers or other possible customers to join our VPN Affiliate program. Further you must inform them very well that they will not just join, but start to participate within the Affiliate program so the will end up earning big bucks!

We have several requirements:

  1. You must be able to reach and convince people to join our program.
  2. You must be able to motivate them, and tell them how their participation can be much value for them.
  3. Must teach them if required how to promote us.
  4. Must tell them which adspots would work the best.
  5. Get them motivated to use them mailing lists to get massive sales.
  6. You can work in the hours you want to choose, this means we will keep you on certain death lines.

Let me know if you are interested. We will work upon active Affiliates. So getting us 1000's which will never promote us will not be good for any of us.

Since every affiliate manager is different, works different and works a different set of hours, we make your payment custom to your deeds.

I hope to hear from you shortly.



Marketing skills
Mailing Skills
Exploring the internet
Good at forums & Boards
Good in convincing Affiliates to join
Getting the affiliates Promotion & Strategy Advice
Always to be motivated this motivates all others aswell!

Skills Required

Affiliate Marketing Webmaster Email Mailing Motivating Internet Socialmedia Boards Forums Websites Promotiontechn


hi,i've been in the marketing field for 4 years now, i have 3 active blogs that have traffic,as well as 5 websites ran by my team in different departments, we surely understand your request and we would like you to inbox us all the details,including payment plans,we'll be waiting to hear from you soon. thanks


i have some experience to promote anything. in my country i wonted to promote product. if you interets with my can pm me..

best regard

Created 7 years ago in Reputation Management

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