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Looking For People that Want to Increase Their Local Business Leads- Alpha PLUS Local for $398

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Looking For People that Want to Increase Their Local Business Leads- Alpha PLUS Local

If You Got Double the Amount of Customers Walking Through the Door, Would Your Competition Hate You?

So you clicked through to this page, because want more customers picking up the phone and knocking on the doors. Either for your own business, or maybe for your clients...

Maybe you’ve already been working on local SEO, but things just aren’t taking off like you thought they would.

You've tried tons of things, read loads of guides, and maybe even spent hours building links already...

But Local SEO isn’t like standard SEO; it’s far more specialised and there’s a lot to learn. That's why most people HATE doing local SEO.

Among the usual/standard SEO practices, there’s the business information you need to actually submit to Google.

And there’s business listing sites that just reject your submissions or don’t even tell you if you’ve been accepted or not.

and then there's maps,

and there's there's more verification processes

etc etc

It’s a real headache…

and that's why it gets messy;

you end up spending loads of time on something that you aren't sure will produce results. and by that time you've probably spent quite a bit of money too!

Oh yeah,...and local SEO is also boring and tedious,

in fact...

I've been that burnt out guy at the laptop loads of times, but I finally figured out a system and methodology that gets me great results with Local SEO

and that’s why I want to take this off your hands.

Instead of you sitting up late at night, I’ll save you the hassle and do this all for you. And I’ll do a bloody awesome job for you too (or give you your money back if I don't)

See I’ve been in the SEO business for over 7 years now, and I know people hate doing Local SEO.

It takes a different type of SEO, compared to affiliate sites and whatnot, and also quite a bit of trial and error. In simple terms, it sucks the first time you do local SEO, and people without the experience, do a terrible job too.

So save yourself headaches, time and money, and hire me instead...

Here's what's going down...

This is Proper White Hat Local SEO

I’m only offering this to 10 people here on Monster Backlinks initially. Once 10 people are on-board, I'll mark this as sold out. I might increase this in the future, but for now I want to concentrate on offering HIGH QUALITY LOCAL SEO….that actually works. You’ll see!

So what am I offering you?

Quite simply;

"I’m going to put your local business (bricks and mortar businesses) on the front page of Google. This will get you more humans picking up phones and walking through the door"

This is your proper white hat, real marketing with no fancy tricks...

Just straight forward WYSIWYG that’s loads more effective than any radio or newspaper ad in the local area.

You will get

  • Your business manually submitted to 15-20 high quality directories that people actually visit
  • Hand written listings
  • 1 Google Map (with 40+ places)
  • 1 Geo Tagged photo (5 miles Radius)
  • 200+ mixed Alpha links to boost the above (available for $158 if ordered separately- FREE with this service)
  • Full reports

So how much is this worth to you or your clients?

Well if your average customer is worth $200 to you, then a couple of new customers and you’re already in profit. With no extra work on your part.

Another way of looking at it- the cost of this service, is about the same as a daily cafe latte at your local Starbucks.

The cost of NOT hiring me for this, could be a customer or more every single day that you're missing out on. For the sake of giving up a cafe latte, you'll be putting more customers through the doors every day.

That’s a great trade off!

but here's a quick screenshot of what other people are saying about my services already...

and here's the kind of local results I get for people

Here's What I Need From You Once You've Clicked the Order Button

  1. Money Site URL[/*]
  2. Short Description of Your Company[/*]
  3. Main Keyword[/*]
  4. 5 Keywords[/*]
  5. Name, Address and Phone Number[/*]

So, give me the reigns and let me take care of your local SEO starting today.

As I mentioned, this is open to just 10 people initially, because I want to make sure I do a great job for you.

Click The Order Button Now, and Let's Get Started

p.s. It's quick to order and we write the citations for you. These are proper white hat links for a proper business. You can't find anything like this on monsterbacklinks.

p.p.s. Every order placed today, get's you the Alpha ($158) to your citations and also comes with a full report. (Open to the first 10 people only)


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