Must be completed in 1 day       2,147,481,748 days left to make an offer
  • I will give you 100 views to your seoclerks service or myspace page for creating funny pictures on my site
I want people to :

1 . Create a simple meme ( funny picture with text ) on my site
..... either with existing templates or upload your own pictures but they should not be offensive ..... (TAKES 2 SECONDS )

2. Up vote it ( by clicking LMAO ) or down vote it ( by clicking SMH ) whatever you feel ..... ( TAKES 2 SECONDS )

3 . Add a facebook comment on the same meme by keeping post to facebbok option on .... ( TAKES 20 SECONDS ) .

4 , Share the picture on social networks ( facebook , twitter, g+1,and pinterest which u can see beside the picture u have created ) . ( takes another 30 seconds )

The entire activity should not cost you more than 2 - 5 minutes

Will Trade

I will give you 100 views to your monsterbacklinks service page or myspace page .

One can do this trade any number of times .

i want more and more people to participate in this trade .

no need to contact me first just do the above stated activities and send me the url of the meme created , url of social sharing pages where u have shared them and url of your Monster Backlinks service and if u have completed all required terms , I will directly give u views if not i will contact u back with the things u have missed

Skills Required

anything facebook twitter google googleplusone g+1 pinterest funny pictures photos memes comments seoclerks


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