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    We're leaving, there are too many liars and scammers who will destroy your website and social media over even $1. I have %100 buyer and have spent thousands of dollars here. Nothing here stops the bad sellers from destroying things. I have been threatened to immediately give someone $50 or they will destroy my website, I have had people screw up and get my accounts on social media banned, I have had people DDOS to destroy my websites if I don't give them free money. I stayed as long as I could, but after rebuilding everything over and over….it's not worth it to stay. We're leaving, you really should make this place better for people spending money in this community. 

    1 month ago

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    Outstanding experience!Highly Recommended BoulderBridges - An Excellent Buyer, loved to work for him and would be looking forward to working for him again in future. Waiting for next orders.

    2 months ago

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