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    I Have found that Subs no matter the Promise DROP Un Announced !!  I would not TRUST PROMISES From anyone who makes them !! YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WARNED !!! See once you Pay and they ask you for more work and you have no more work needed they PULL THEM RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER YOU !!  We'll see what else Leaves in a matter of a week !! READ THE FINE PRINT FOLKS !!  If it's to good to be TRUE Then it is a LIE !!

    2 years ago

  • tuha1990
    tuha1990 More

    Dragon is the Greatest Buyer here. When it comes to Orders he
    buys in Bulk to keep me busy. Dragon is a Buyer who is very
    Street Smart and always Professional I Recommend this Buyer
    to all of you but, remember this Dragon Spits Fire so do not
    upset him and make sure your work is complete before turning
    in any Orders.

    11 months ago

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