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    Hi, Goo.gl is terminating it's service and almost all it's customers are migrating to bit.ly. Due to this reason bit.ly seems to experience overloading issues (not all day, just in moments of days). To get more chances of accessing the analytics data, just create or use an existing bit.ly account (if you already have one), and you'll get a higher priority to access the traffic data. Also you'll see more details about traffic (like referrers). If you still not get access, then try again after a half an hour or more. Please retain it's a TEMPORARY bit'ly issue (I explained why), it's not my fault... It affects all buyers and sellers who are using bit,ly. Unfortunately a better serv

    1 month ago

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    Hello Sir/Mam,
    thank you for delivering good and quality services. I will be using your services again. Thank you again for a job well done.

    Very Respectfully,


    2 months ago