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    I recommend Superseo because I value quality work over "working just to work" or "creating work for myself". I have worked with people who have a philosphy similar to both of those examples as well as quality and none of them are bad, just different.

    1. Volume work (working just to work) has a place when things just need to be done. There is no value in the quality of the work in the eyes of people.

    2. Creating work -- this one is tricky and the person creating work for themselves usually aren't working that way because they like suffering and drowing themselves in work they complete. I'ts been my experience that these are people trying to do the best they can, but maybe have time management difficulties.

    Without me saying anything at all Superseo communicated his desire to do quality work. If he (or they) didn't communicate that to me then I could have easily mistaken the work being done as #1 or #2 above, so I think that mt reccomendation is about communication....because everything can go wrong without that one thing happening, and I didn't have to think about that att all. Didn't have to ask for that was verbalized to me from the beginning -- by Superseo.

    That's why I think I can very much recommend the services provided here....I didn't have to ask or beg for communication between the seller and myself.

    5 months ago

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